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Pointless journal pimping


In case anyone missed it, or wants to know more, I posted a blog item today with a link to the first in a series of articles I plan on writing about computational mathematics. It's got a long way to go yet, just give it some time :)

- Stephen

Submitted by StephenWade on Fri, 11/07/08 - 7:27 PM Permalink

p.s. i just uploaded a new version of the first part (next part coming soon) that is perhaps a bit easier to read, has less mistakes, and has more diagrams to help visualise what's going on! Hope it's helpful

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 29/07/08 - 1:21 PM Permalink

Are you going to continue with the series? I found it informative.
P.S. Do programmers even exist here? I found this site about 3 days ago and the programmer side of things seems dead :(

Submitted by Zoid on Wed, 06/08/08 - 9:14 AM Permalink

I like both the articles, please keep them coming. They even convinced me to re-install Matlab from my uni days and start tinkering.

I'm not sure if i can call myself a programmer, but have always enjoyed it, and am hoping to (one day) go through all my matlab studies from engineering (system vibrations, rigid body dynamics etc) and re-learn them to try and work out a way to transfer them to C++, stuff like that. Still learning C++ though; have used a couple of different languages, but not any C languages yet.

Great work, and informative for those who haven't learned differential calculus etc, without needing to go into all the details. Keep 'em coming!

Submitted by StephenWade on Fri, 08/08/08 - 8:36 PM Permalink

Articles will continue ... !

Sadly I didn't get around to doing much C++ for the first two as it was quicker and easier for me to use Matlab to demonstrate. I am MASSIVELY busy studying honours in applied mathematics, so the rate of articles might be slow :)

So yes look forward to a bit of C++ implementation details, and perhaps an example a little bit more applicable to games. I *might* get around to discussing details about rasterisation and rendering of these kinds of things too if I can sort that out with some of my more graphically-minded programmer friends.