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Designing on the Spore


I was watching that Spore demonstration on the Google Vid thread (a few million Game Developers just got pwned I think) and I started thinking about how I would use that kinda tech in a game myself, especially adapting such tech into an existing format, I'd like to see what you guys would come up with, so throw some ideas around.

Like for one example off the top of my head:

A standard 3D fighting game like mighty Soul Calibur (or the shite DOA) where you literally just mould your fighters out of clay, you'd select a basic form (biped, quadraped, endo/exoskeletal, a blob, a vapour) you change the volume and mass on the fly, and youd get to work.

You'd make the skeleton (or not if you just want a blob) adjust the size and bone density (durability vs agility) and then ontop of it pack on the muscle mass in aaany way or shape you wish, and that would define the strength, the bone size/density to muscle ratio would calculate an overall balance or inbalance.

You could select the rigidness of either part or all of the character's body, his fist (or whatever you make it) could be made to be hard as rock therefore dealing more damage, though adding weight and a reduction of agility. Or give the creature a long ass blade on his forehead or something. I don't know, maybe you'd nominate that part of the character as the "weapon" or something and the code would therefore emphasize that as the 'bit that swings upon input of the attack command'. Or you could build a weapon separately and have the character hold and use it.

If the weapon's too heavy it would throw off the character's balance or require larger muscle mass in that part of the character's body, or if the character had 36 tails each with a spike then they'd move in a rapid succession of smaller impacts, the code would define that.

The controls would have to be simplistic as to allow for the scope of the code, basic move, only a couple of attacks probably divided by weight of the strike. They'd have to work in relation to the directional command as opposed to "horizontal/vertical" and perhaps a movement emphasis command also working with the directional, like basically an exertion of the character's mobility upon that command. If you pull up then they try to get airbourne (via a jump or whatever their design allows) if you just press forward and the exertion command then it'd become sort of a lunge, whatever.

You could have little testing grounds for them where you watch them move from different angles and pick up descrepencies in their design, or obsticle courses or just places to fight bots (that you may design)

I could see people tweaking and modding their own character for daaaays on end, and entering them into network tournaments, finding a weakness and then taking it all back to the drawing board because his character "AssCompounder" has the pivot of his pelvis or primary joint throwing the weight of his strike off too much and he's suffering overcompensation, it'd be awesome, it'd have the Player thinking and designing like a mutha, they'd have preliminary sketches and everything.

Damn that'd be a cool game actually...

Anyway, what are your ideas for the Spore tech? could be the way an NPC animates in a FPS when a certain limb is hindered, or in a driving game designing a vehicle literally from scratch, or non game applications, whatever, its time to show off your creativity.

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................................ ok, I just got pwned myself :)