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SEQGRAPH first public meeting for 2004

Posted by redwyre on Tue, 10/02/04 - 2:56 AM

SEQ-GRAPH is the South East Queensland Chapter of SIGGRAPH, website is at

quote:Dear Colleague,

The SEQGRAPH steering committee is pleased to announce the first public
meeting for 2004 on the 19th February at QANTM House.
Neville Scott from Hewlett Packard will be presenting a talk on HP's latest
range of graphics workstations.

Furthermore, we have some exciting developments for 2004.

SEQGRAPH was officially chartered as a chapter of SIGGRAPH on the 14th
January this year. This gives use the benefits of being a part of the
larger SIGGRAPH community that is in Australia. We are one of six chapters
in Australia, an indication of the strength of our nation's computer
graphics community.

The chartering of our chapter means that we will soon be able to offer
"Book Club" benefits to our members, such as discounts and free books for
reviewing. More on this soon...

We also have a winner for the SEQGRAPH logo competition. Julius Baginski
was successful with his entry, which will be unveiled at our February
meeting. Many thanks to those who submitted logos to the competition.

There are some exciting meetings planned for this year, including a
presentation on March 18th by Brett Feeney, from Animal Logic. His CV
includes work with the Matrix, Lord of the Rings and Moulin Rouge to name a

So, we look forward to seeing you on February 19th. Details of the meeting

Date : 19th February
Time : 6:30pm
Location : Level 9, QANTM House, 138 Albert St, Brisbane CBD Presenter : Neville Scott, Hewlett Packard

Feel free to pass this email onto other interested people.

Yours Sincerely,
Ross Brown
For the SEQGRAPH Steering Committee

Submitted by redwyre on Thu, 12/02/04 - 11:06 AM Permalink

So... anyone planning to go?

Submitted by Brain on Thu, 12/02/04 - 11:30 AM Permalink

*nods* Why not. Shall seeya there @:-)

Submitted by Blitz on Fri, 13/02/04 - 12:12 AM Permalink

Yes, if i happen to find an airfare to queensland lying on the footpath :P
CYer, Blitz

Submitted by Brain on Thu, 19/02/04 - 10:13 PM Permalink

Okay, looks like I won't be there. Working tonight, dammit. Do make sure to let us know how it went.

Submitted by souri on Thu, 19/02/04 - 10:27 PM Permalink

Let us know how it goes. Actually, it would be *great* if someone can write an article on events such as these and submit it to Sumea if you're lucky enough to attend.. *hint hint*

Submitted by souri on Sat, 28/02/04 - 3:27 PM Permalink

*gives an even bigger hint*

Submitted by TheBigJ on Sun, 29/02/04 - 11:29 PM Permalink

Heh.. I was there, but don't know what I would write. The talk from Neville Scott of HP was interesting but brief. Aside from that it was more an introduction and an opportunity to recruit members, unveil logos and talk about the plan for the year. Maybe redwyre can think of something more to add.

This month is the talk from Brett Feeney of Animal Logic. We should have plenty to write about after that.

Submitted by redwyre on Tue, 02/03/04 - 4:56 AM Permalink

Quick summary:

HP make computers. HP guarantee their workstations. (This is an interesting concept to me, my work comuter doesn't like me)

HP make bigger computers. HP make even bigger cluster computers that can render gigabytes of data in realtime. Kez gets to use one, the bastard.

SEQGRAPH has a new cool logo. SEQGRAPH has a new webpage ( I think).

Membership: Students: 15$ Others: $25

The end.