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USQ - Bachelor of Information Technology

Posted by amckern on Sat, 10/06/06 - 11:55 AM…

I saw this on PCPP's add rotaion the other day - it might be another of the 'jumping on the band wagon' courses, but here is the spiff.

Bachelor of Information Technology
(Games and Creative Technologies)

The University of Southern Queensland, Australia

The University of Southern Queensland (USQ) is fully accredited, is funded by the Australian Government and is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities. USQ has approximately 25,000 students currently studying on-campus and by distance education.

USQ?s new Bachelor of Information Technology major has been developed in response to the rapidly growing gaming industry.

The Games and Creative Technologies major equips students with the skills to gain a career in the games industry. The major focuses on high performance programming, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, game engine production and use with emphasis placed on practical work.

The Computer Games Programming course educates students in the use C++ and an open source 3D games engine to create their own demo game and practice programming techniques used in the game development industry including artificial intelligence, environment navigation, graphical user interfaces and character modelling and animation.

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No criticism intended of USQ, but I find it curious that it's an IT degree rather than computer science. Don't know about everywhere else, but at La Trobe IT degrees are quite a bit more aimed at general computing than programming.