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PC Powerplay and Qantm

Posted by Jacana on Wed, 10/09/03 - 5:42 AM

Picked up the latest PC Powerplay to have a read on the plane going down to Melbourne - October 2003 edition

Noticed an article on page 12 about Qantm and talked about some of the games students were making there with Jet. Guessing the screen shots came from their industry night.

Two of the game titles that were plugged were Veneficium and Sen Saint. I think some people from Sumea may have worked on the first title.

Good work guys!

Submitted by J I Styles on Wed, 10/09/03 - 6:32 AM Permalink

Sen Saint... that the anime-ish 3rd person hack and slash type of thang?

If it is, we got sent it in a job app from one of the guys that worked on it... pretty sure it was it.

Submitted by shiva on Wed, 10/09/03 - 7:14 AM Permalink

i worked on veneficium as did kalin

and those screenshots were not from any of the games this year, in fact some of the locals here may recognise their work among them, such as malus and pants

Submitted by Pantmonger on Wed, 10/09/03 - 11:08 AM Permalink

That would be an affirmative.
The Shot that belongs to Malus is the skeletal creature (I think that?s the one in the mag, had a two second look in the newsagents)
Mine is the Velociraptor with the palm and the mountains in the background and there was another shot from a friend called Hydro, the space ship one.
None of these are from games, though Malus? creature did appear in his teams game.


Submitted by Malus on Wed, 10/09/03 - 6:56 PM Permalink

Arghhhh don't let that out, its 2 yrs old!!! MINES CRAP!! [:)]
Why they are showing old work is beyond me.

Submitted by Pantmonger on Wed, 10/09/03 - 7:44 PM Permalink

quote:Originally posted by Malus

Why they are showing old work is beyond me.

Because otherwise they would have to ask us first :P


Submitted by shiva on Thu, 11/09/03 - 4:58 AM Permalink

what im wondering is why they used your art at all? we sent them screenshots when they asked for them...
ah well