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EA Melbourne Contact Information?

Posted by serpent on Fri, 11/03/11 - 1:35 PM

Morning All,

Im looking for EA Games Melbournes Contact Email or equivilent

Im part of the Diploma of multimedia game development at my institute and im flying to melbourne in april and want to contact a few studios in hopes to be granted a tour and show them the game and animation the diploma class has been working on and invite them to come see it when its finished

Im fully aware i will most likely be rejected by many if not all studios but if one accepts then it would be worth it

Submitted by souri on Fri, 11/03/11 - 5:57 PM Permalink

I've sent you their contact details for further discussion. Log in and click messages in the top bar there.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 11/03/11 - 8:25 PM Permalink

Thank you Souri, EA should expect to hear from me monday afternoon - tuesday morning since its now the weekend and i will be emailing them under my lecturers supervision

Thanks again

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 18/04/11 - 6:32 PM Permalink

could you please forward EA Melbournes contact details to me. I'm looking for work experience in game design and maybe they might have something to offer. I would greatly appreciate it.
my email is

Submitted by David (not verified) on Fri, 26/08/11 - 4:19 PM Permalink

Hi Souri,
would you be able to send me EA melbourne's details? I'm just trying to send out job applications for a Quality Assurance Games Tester position to start with so I can get my foot in the door, my email address is

Submitted by souri on Fri, 26/08/11 - 4:55 PM Permalink

Your best bet is to contact Firemint and IronMonkey Studios to enquire about that position. I have had exceptional correspondences with HR personnel at EA Melbourne for years, but my contact has since moved on unfortunately.

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 16/09/11 - 10:59 PM Permalink


I wish everyone all the best. :(

Submitted by MattKr on Mon, 07/11/11 - 11:54 AM Permalink

Hi all,

I have recently applied for a position with Firemint and i would like to speak with them to find out if they did infact receive my application. Any help with how to get in contact with them would be great! The phone number of theirs that i have is not in use currently.

Thanks again.

Submitted by Lara (not verified) on Thu, 01/03/12 - 1:20 PM Permalink

Hi All

I have applied for a position with EA games in the Melbourne office. This was in January and I have not heard anything, not even sure if they have received my application. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Does anyone know of any contact details (email, ph no) so I could follow up?

Much appreciated

Submitted by Sam Mayo (not verified) on Thu, 15/03/12 - 10:30 AM Permalink

Hi Lara,

We receive hundreds of applications for each job we post, so unfortunately we can't always provide feedback to all applicants. Did you apply for a position at Iron Monkey, or here at Firemint?


Sam Mayo
Community Manager, Firemint

Submitted by Dane Bartlett (not verified) on Sat, 07/07/12 - 12:16 PM Permalink

Good Afternoon,

I'm a recent marketing graduate who has received some great results and would love to gain some experience within the games industry. I've been a massive gamer since I can remember. If anyone out there knows of any opportunities could they please email me at

Finally, like many people I've been trying to find the postal/email address of the EA HR Department to inquire about possible work experience opportunities in the marketing field so if anyone has these details could you forward them to me at the above email address. Much appreciated.


Dane Bartlett

Submitted by souri on Sat, 13/04/13 - 3:19 PM Permalink

Since we're still getting posts in this thread about contacting EA Melbourne, I think we need to establish a few things:

1. As mentioned earlier, my point of contact in EA has moved on. Their replacement who I had some correspondance with has also moved on. I never give out phone details so please don't ask - most of these companies are pretty busy and appreciate not being called directly hundreds of times a day for enquiries like this. You'll have to contact them through the right channels (usually by email).
2. EA Melbourne, when this was originally posted, referred to Visceral Games Melbourne, a games studio which EA set up and closed up in late 2011. You can't contact them anymore.
3. The game studios in Melbourne which EA currently owns are Firemint and IronMonkey which have been merged into one studio called the Firemonkeys. You have many, many ways to contact them here. That page says they do not currently offer work experience, unfortunately.