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AIE Programming course advice

Posted by leegun on Wed, 11/04/07 - 4:35 AM

I was looking at the AIE online Cert III for programming.
I have a few questions which I asked them but I wanted to get peoples opinions.

1. What C++ stuff do you learn?
2. Is it enough to get a job as a game programmer?
3. If after completing this course how much of the
Cert IV - programming do I need to do?


Submitted by Leto on Wed, 18/04/07 - 3:05 AM Permalink

1) Mostly everything but only briefly - enough for small projects. Knowing how to write C++ code is very different from knowing how to write an entire game engine in C++.

2) If it's the only real programming experience you've got then no. There is way more to programming in general than can be covered in a single course. If you do have some programming experience behind you then you'd probably be wasting your time with the course.

3) Though a lot of topics might be revisited, they will be covered in much more depth, if only because there is more time to do so. And it's not like you can pick and choose if you still want the certificate at the end.