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EVENT : PERTH : Nullarbor Bakery Party

Posted by gmb on Mon, 11/08/08 - 7:16 PM

Nullarbor Bakery Party

The best of WA's indie game talent will be on show at the Bakery.
The Nullarbor independent game developers competition ( is coming to a close for 2008 and, in conjunction with gamejam, we’re getting together to send it off in fine form.

This is a party in two parts:

Developers' Old School Demoparty
* Friday, August 15 @ 7pm
Get together with your crew and put those finishing touches on your game. Party, socialise, and play.

Nullarbor Finals, Come on Down!
* Saturday, August 16 @ 7pm
See the finished games and vote for your favourites!

Entry is FREE!
Location: The Bakery, 233 James Street, Northbridge
Demoparty: Friday, August 15 to Saturday August 16. From 7pm to 7pm.
Rock up when you will, but be early for the good spots.
Presentation and Competition: Saturday, August 16, from 7pm to 9pm
As this is a licensed venue this is an 18+ event

Step One: Developers' Old School Demoparty
Friday to Saturday 7 'til 7

We start with some old-school demoscene action, gathering together everyone with a project to finish, to cram in last minute code, meet face-to-face with the members of your team, socialise, and, of course, party.
When we say old school, we mean it. You bring the computers we'll bring the LAN gear ... after you’re set up - the party runs 24 hours - from 7pm Friday to 7pm Saturday. The bar closes at 2am, but reopens at 10, so at least you’ll have some time to write code sober, if not well rested. We’ll make sure coffee is on hand, and we’ll spring for some late-night pizza.
Trade jokes, trade secrets, experience and know how. Make friends and squeeze every last drop out of your entries. Old school style.
The Nullarbor is more than a game design competition, it is a demoscene party, and we’re going make sure everyone knows it.
If you are a local with game development skills, or if you are a creative type who would just like to get involved, check out the gamejam website at

Join the Jam!
Teams are still being formed, projects are springing up and there's always room for artists and musicians, especially if you have Photoshop or 3D Studio skills. Code jockeys are in demand where they have a creative bent and a caffeine habit. Get on board!
Who knows? You might win something. You’ll definitely have fun.

To recap, we’ll have:
* A 24-hour demoscene party
* Music
* Drink
* LAN gear (including tables and chairs)
* Snacks
* Coffee on hand
* Free pizza for the stayers
* Fun

Step Two: Nullarbor Competition - Come One, Come All!
Saturday 7 'til 9

Anyone with an interest in digital art and seeing what Perth has to offer should come along, have a look and vote for their favourite game. See the next generation of whiz-kid game developers, touting creations ranging from the slick to the deliriously retro.
Entry is free ... we just ask that you don’t make any sudden moves around the artists ... some of them might not have slept much the night before.

For more information on Nullarbor visit the website:

Any questions? Drop us a line at

Event Sponsors: Spinfast, Autodesk, Artrage, Edith Cowan University, Binary Culture, Surrender Events