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QANTM - Industry Night

Posted by unknownuser2 on Sat, 11/12/04 - 11:15 AM

Just thought I'd write a small blob about my thoughts:

Firstly id like to point out how jealous i was seeing the quality of work produced, was of a much higher quality than when i attended - the facilities seemed to have been upped and the general atmosphere seemed alot more lively and focused on the students showing off there talents.

Well done to the respective people... you know exactly who you are [:)]

Secondly Id like to say - 3 hours seemed like a long time - but I think I only managed to get around to talking to a handful of people / groups about their work and would have liked to get around to talk to more.

Well done to the Scooterama crew - nice polished and complete product with which you could probably seek funding to blow into a full blown console game up there with mario kart etc.

Also to the crew that had the RPG going up on the projector screen, i almost shed a tear when you mentioned Sensaint and using it as a base to set your self a goal to polished it up a whole lot more [:D] Great job!

Scott, you had a nice wine grin happening, slightly rosey cheeks and all - good to catch up with you again.

Adam, stop writing text messages on your phone when people are trying to have a conversation with you, ya bum [:P]

Denzel, Jeremy & Ben, and Meagan - By far the most outstanding in terms of game art that I came across in the night you guys are headed for big things [:D]

Wish they had awards when I was at qantm [:(]

Submitted by LiveWire on Sat, 11/12/04 - 10:06 PM Permalink

I really enjoyed the night. Gota lot of good interest for my work. 3hrs though seemed too short to me though. a lot of people didnt start to arive until about 7, and then the awards (which i wasnt elegible for dagnamit!)were on at 8:30 and most people left after that. that left only about an hour and a half when most people were there. i know some people were buggered after the 3 hours, but come on - we did it for 3 days down at agdc, i'm sure you can handle four or five hours.

still great night, i'll have to return next year and see what the next lot of studens come up with.

Submitted by rezn0r on Sun, 12/12/04 - 4:34 AM Permalink

*slightly rosey cheeks and all*

Thats just because I'm such a jolly chap.



Submitted by Leviron on Mon, 13/12/04 - 11:09 AM Permalink

I wonder what next year's industry night will be like....I'm going to be there.

Submitted by Crystalmesh on Mon, 13/12/04 - 11:34 PM Permalink

Was actually some decent work there this year :p

We found a few ppl we are interested in aswell.... hehe

Submitted by Mdobele on Mon, 13/12/04 - 11:35 PM Permalink

Next years intake certainly have some big shoes to try and fill. Cant wait to see what they produce. Just gets better and better each year.

Submitted by McSwan on Mon, 13/12/04 - 11:52 PM Permalink

Next year should be even better ;)

Submitted by 0xBaaDf00d on Tue, 14/12/04 - 12:00 AM Permalink

Fair Call HaZarD, Fair call, We should get together and have a chat sometime.. And yes i did show them your master piece, to help guide them on their way :)..
Overall i was proud to see all the student projects get to a completion point. The quality only improves every year ... :)
Sorry about the Texting.. (it had been a long week and was tired, and i am sure you noticed the sickliness of myself).. Was trying to concentrate, Scootarama was a good project but i think an honourable mention to Inertia, & 9th Life, for well produced titles.
As was already stated 9th Life was an RPG, not very dissimilar to Sen Saint yes.. and Inertia was a space combat RTS.. Very Fun.. (I played it for about an hour at one point.. :).. Congratulations to everyone, who was involved, and congrats to Scooter Boys, on the AGDC Award, And yes I am the big Oaf in one of their photos.. If it is on this forum I do not know. :)


Submitted by denz on Tue, 14/12/04 - 7:20 AM Permalink

Yeah it was a great night, except for the fact that our room had no aircon![:X]

Some awsome work. I really got a kick out of the stop motion animation.

9th life and scooter both great. And yeah, Meagan definately deserved an award for the great work she has been puting together.

I'm also looking forward to see what gets produced next year, some awsome stuff I'm sure.[:D]

Aslo thanks to everyone for taking the time to check out everyones work.

Submitted by Leviron on Tue, 14/12/04 - 10:26 PM Permalink

Funny how the air con broke down.... it was working fine on Thursday.

Denz, your work rocked.... and that group that did the mouse animation was cool too.

Submitted by Delmo on Wed, 15/12/04 - 12:59 PM Permalink

The quality of work was alot higher than when i was studied there thats for sure. Congrats to everyone that put the extra effort to get an award.

Submitted by Anuxinamoon on Tue, 21/12/04 - 12:27 PM Permalink

I was really surprised and impressed at the level of work and effort that the students put into their work. I was also surpirsed to se LCD's and wirless peripherals too! I was so jealous! [:X]
But congrats to everyone who put in the hard yards and showed off some good works!

Though I didn't see much in the way of texture flats, and wires. I was pretty dissapointed with that. Most were just showing show reels though thats all well and good :)

I was really pleased with your stuff Denz! I was excited to see someone do some crazy normal mapping! thats awesome stuff Denz! [:D]