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SF Character Portrait

Posted by Johnn on Thu, 12/04/07 - 2:27 PM

Something to fill in the time whilst waiting the the next quick activity. Done in Painter with a very small amount of Photoshop and Illustrator along the way.

Thanks for the feedback Brain. The above image is the updated pic, the link below is to the previous version for interested persons. I think I might do some modifications to her top to make to look less painted on and more see through ...hehe, just kidding ...about the 'less painted on' bit ...or am I?

version 1 JohnN2007-04-12 07:42:14

Submitted by Brain on Thu, 12/04/07 - 3:08 PM Permalink

I really like the detail of the face, though the head seems rather large in comparison to the body. And DANG! They be some perky breasts! @:-D Might want to review their shape, as well as how the shirt hangs. It's very loose around the neck region, but skin tight around the breasts. Not even any loose hanging on the underside of the breasts (perhaps she's showing them off to a guy off screen, hence the cheeky smile and eyes? @;-)

The face definitely seems to have received the most attention, and I think the rest of her could benefit from a rework of lighting, in particular some darker shadows. The centre console (with all the nifty looking buttons and lights) seems to be a little off perspective, and seems to 'stick out' a little more than it might need to.

Love the way you've handled the hair too. You can feel the volume of it. *thumbs up*