jpg image not a jpg image???: upload problem


hello friendly site administrator(enough butter!)

when u attempt to upload a jpg using the appropriate upload facilties an error comes us:
image/jpeg this is empty or not a jpg file. File has not been saved

the file in question, or rather files in question are on my hdd as well as

im using mozilla 1.6
and gimp

hope a little ray of light may be shed today

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yeah...i had the same problem for a little while.
what i found out was, that it was a browser issue.
i had to use iexploder to solve it.

netscape also works.

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hmm, im using linux here, and i thought mozilla wa netscape, or rather netscape is made using mozilla?

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The upload function has been tested on IE and Mozilla only, and they work for both. I'm not sure if there is any other way to make it compatible (I remember looking into this ages ago since someone using Opera had the same problem). I've used the only examples available from the company that made the upload component.

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ahh, ok, i thought you may have written the upload componenet yourself ;o) and be able to play with the internals of the system.

well it seems that the mozilla test was for an earlier version, as i said im using mozilla 1.6

any way of getting it done manually?

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Just a quick note - check your firewall level is not too high - i had the same problem for a while but that fixed it.