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New Look

Posted by Jacana on Fri, 12/05/06 - 6:44 PM

Ooooo :) What a suprise when I logged in this morning. I think it looks very nice, Souri :)

Submitted by J I Styles on Fri, 12/05/06 - 8:11 PM Permalink

hey cool, it went live -- great job souri!

Submitted by unknownuser2 on Fri, 12/05/06 - 11:11 PM Permalink

It looks like a 1950's american sideshow circus! [:P]

Submitted by MoonUnit on Sat, 13/05/06 - 4:22 AM Permalink

looks great! so im not the only one with sumea as my homepage :P Just a note on my 1024x768 display the top horizontal link.. bar thing (oh god mental blank, sorry for sounding like a fool) gets cut off halfway through the "flashback" text. Everything else is totally solid, good work!

Submitted by irous on Sat, 13/05/06 - 10:44 AM Permalink

Yeh, it's not actually finished, and I thought I'd just put it up since it was too unbearable to look at the css code of the old version and the design buckling due to sponsor logos and other additions.

I've kinda stopped working on the main site and have been fixing the admin section at the moment. Yeh, it's a bit of a mess, but once I'm done it'll be more intuitive, clearer, and cleaner. [:X]

Then I'll have to get onto Sumea creative because that's a bit of a mess as well. Lot of work to do [}:)]

Submitted by unknownuser2 on Sat, 13/05/06 - 11:04 PM Permalink

Hopefully you didnt take offense at my comment Souri *blush* I do like it [:)]

Submitted by LOOM on Sun, 14/05/06 - 3:56 AM Permalink

looks great , will the forum get an updated theme?

Submitted by Makk on Sun, 14/05/06 - 10:53 PM Permalink

yeah, the forum colours could change to a more nuetral colour, since dark pics contrast heaps with the brighter backgrounds.

Submitted by irous on Mon, 15/05/06 - 11:31 PM Permalink

quote:Originally posted by HazarD
Hopefully you didnt take offense at my comment Souri *blush* I do like it [:)]

Hey, not at all. It's funny but it never occured to me at all until you mentioned it, but yeh I can absolutely see it looking like it came from an old sideshow circus. [:D]

I think we had this discussion before about the forum background colour and pictures - remember that the forum is mostly used for reading, so if all the posts had a neutral background, people would probably comment that the black text on neutral colour being harder to read.

Submitted by amckern on Thu, 18/05/06 - 11:36 AM Permalink

Good work Souri, that explains why i was unable to access the site on tuesday night.

Submitted by Makk on Thu, 18/05/06 - 11:04 PM Permalink

Does anyone else think the forum button is too far away?

Submitted by irous on Fri, 19/05/06 - 1:10 AM Permalink

Can you post a screens grab so I can see what you mean.

The site was down for a couple of hours on Tuesday night because the web hosts were having some problems. Their business and support site was down, and I'm sure all their hosted customers sites were inaccessable as well.

Submitted by redwyre on Tue, 23/05/06 - 9:19 PM Permalink

The article links aren't working this morning

Submitted by irous on Wed, 24/05/06 - 2:53 AM Permalink

Ah, right. I could've sworn I tested it. Anyway, it should be fine now.

I think I may have finally found out what was causing the site to go down every once in a while. It was the damn redirection script for all the links in news/games/dev websites. If the site isn't any more stable from now on, then I'm gonna have to hand in my gun and badge.