Save the ferals and the corporates

Hi sumean's, I was hoping all of you that support aussie games would sign a petition to save the sequel to adelaide based ratbaggames powerslide, titled Powerslide: Slipstream.

If you liked the original Powerslide this one looks unreal (if you need some convincing IGN has a hands-on preview). So please if you've got the time just follow the link and sumbmit a signature!

Thanks heaps[:0]

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Hi loch,

You need to post this message on the following forums if you haven't already done so...
(Even though this is primarily a GT forum many other racing games are discussed).

All the best, I hope things work out for you.

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I bought the first one, great game.

didnt it win game of the year at E3?
i dont know the story- but seems weird it is having trouble getting a publisher.
good luck.

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PowerSlide was a brilliant original game, alas all the programmers involved in the original have long since left Ratbag - They all were gone by Feb 2001. And so ended the partnership of a brilliant group of individuals. I was _extremely_ lucky enough to work with them for a short while, and I really dont think you can build a PowerSlide 2.. without those people. It just wont be the same.. Sure it may look nice, and might even drive ok, but it wont have that X factor.. that only comes along once in a blue moon..

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Thanks for the links Red5, will do.
Grover damn i wish you were wrong about the original crew. Never know, could be even better [:0] at least we'd get some wild track designs (thats if they decide make it) heres hoping!

anyway thanks for your help here everyone.

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oh yeah i thought i would post i picture for ya

[img]icon_paperclip.gif[/img] Download Attachment: [url=""]powerslide_053003_4.jpg[/url]
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