Do you want rankings for member images?


I'm implementing a feature for Sumea Game at the moment where anonymous visitors and sumea members will be able to rank the games on the site through Sumea comments. So when you post a comment, you'll be able to select a ranking value of 1 to 5 and it'll show up in your post. It'll also do some calculations after every post that has a rank selected and come up with an average score. There'll of course be some measures so people can't make multiple votes.

Adding this feature to other parts of the site that has Sumea comments would be easy to do, but it does beg the question whether this is beneficial or not. What do you think? Should we allow visitors / members to rank other members pics in their gallery?

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I dunno I?d have to say no, I don?t think you need a whole bunch of peoples ranks to decide for your self if you like an image or not. You should like it because it appeals to you not because 10 other people have given it 5/5 stars.

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Yeh, that's pretty much the reason why I'm rather hesitant in applying this feature for member's pics.

However, the positive for this idea is that it should encourage more visitor comments and feedback. It seems like people are pretty casual in providing comments and feedback to members pics - it's not as frequent as I hope it would be, so adding some sort of 'fun' ranking option as an extra incentive could get some more feedback action happening.

I've been thinking over and weighing the pros and cons for the idea, and I think it's probably best to just give members the option if they want their work to be ranked by visitors, or only sumea members, or both.

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Yea as an option that you can have on or off sounds alot better :D