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Let's hear it for Mario!

Posted by Red 5 on Mon, 12/12/05 - 9:40 PM

Congratulations to you and all of your team, outstanding achievement to win those 4 awards!!

You've done yourselves and New Zealand proud... all the best for the future and no doubt there'll be many more :)


Virtual Mechanix

Submitted by souri on Tue, 13/12/05 - 2:52 PM Permalink

I have to say, I'm rather impressed with the quality of work that's coming out of Sidhe Interactive. Gripshift looks like an extremely fun game, and the aesthetic quality of Rugby League 2 and Melbourne Cup Challenge is *fantastic*. Kudos to the creative director (John Sheils), the art team, and everyone else at Sidhe on those titles [:)]
Most people don't hear much about Sidhe's contribution to the New Zealand industry, but I've read little things here and there about Sidhe behind the NZGDA, Fuse, their contributions to game education, and many other things, so it's easy to see how they won the Award for Outstanding Industry Contribution.

Submitted by Mario on Wed, 14/12/05 - 10:27 AM Permalink

Thanks guys. Big surprise to pick up the awards in the face of such strong competition. We appreciate the support.

Of course, this is probably a good time to mention that we are hiring... :)

Submitted by lorien on Wed, 14/12/05 - 11:20 AM Permalink

Maybe some people might be tempted to escape [;)] Sydney for the quieter pastures of NZ after what's been happening these last few days... [?][V]

Submitted by mcdrewski on Wed, 14/12/05 - 9:28 PM Permalink

Wellington's a fantastic city - very much like melbourne in the cafe culture/restaraunt thing.

Congrats to the team - I wish I had a PSP so I could try out gripshift :)

Submitted by Red 5 on Sun, 18/12/05 - 3:23 AM Permalink

I can't help but feel slightly disappointed in this thread, I thought there would have been a bit more support, especially considering Mario is one of the few game dev CEO's who actually takes the time to post here at Sumea.

Just a simple "good job mate" never hurt anybody...

Submitted by lorien on Sun, 18/12/05 - 5:51 AM Permalink

quote:Originally posted by Red 5
Just a simple "good job mate" never hurt anybody...

Agreed. I may not think much of the AGDC (and hence the awards), but for posting on sumea Mario deserves a round of applause imho. Likewise Ross.