Great competitive NT webhosts?


Can anyone recommend some great, local, cheap, reliable web hosts (Windows NT/ASP)? Seriously thinking about relocating Sumea due to all the downtime, server problems, hacking/defacing etc, and we have only a few months left on the current pan... plus, it looks like things have become a bit competitive out there in hosting land, so my current plan doesn't look so exciting any more.

Webcentral are a pretty trusted webhost provider...
[url=" "]Business 2004 plan[/url] - 250mb, 2gig transfer per month, PHP support, other trivial stuff, and great tech support. There's a "Deskcontrol intranet for your staff to collaborate and check their WebMail", so I might give the moderators here that service if they're interested. $665 per year + $97 set up fee.

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Checkout -- it's a blatant plug, I work there :). Basically we're in the middle of launching a new site, the prices will be lower and the servers will be in our own datacentre in Brisbane. (The current packages listed on the site are hosted in the US however -- the new site will be launched in around a fortnight). I'll see if I can get the new pricing ahead of time and email it to you.

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Well that Best 100 deal is better than my current hosting plan, although I'm not sure if the site exceeds 5 gigs of bandwidth per month.. what's the policy on ASP components? Does Webaccess have any components available/charge for their use?

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There's no extra quarterly/yearly fee for ASP components, however I'm not sure if there's a setup fee (assuming we dont already have the component installed). I'm just waiting for one of the Windows server guys to get into the office and I'll find out for sure.

Are there any particular components you need? Also, what backend/DB does the site run on (mssql, access, mysql, etc)?

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it looks like it supports asp as well as php, so you could probably use php for stuff like the image manipulation if you wanted

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Yeh, I ask about the components fee (for the use of) since there are a few hosting companies that charge it. Their reasoning is that it causes an extra load on the server, or something like that. The components I need are SoftArtisans FileUp and Persits MailSender.. I'll be needing some free image manipulation (thumbnail) components like Redwyre mentioned..

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Originally posted by Souri

The components I need are SoftArtisans FileUp and Persits MailSender.. I'll be needing some free image manipulation (thumbnail) components like Redwyre mentioned..

The the amount of multimedia online, one would think MS would included these functionalities. In fact, one of my previous jobs was to write an ASP Com component to allow image minipulation/creation and file uploading for ASP pages. The company I was working for was tired of having to liceanse out such things from others.

PHP on the otherhand, sort of includes an image library. Having only used it a little bit, I'm not too impressed though, it's resizing function kind of sucks.

Just as a side note, with backbone pipes being so huge anymore, what about using a company outside Oz? Example, has $10 a month (about $13AUD a month) you get 1gig disk space, 37GB bandwidth transfers. They have a high uptime and their support kicks butt :)

(I setup a site for my brother with these guys and it was a joy to do).

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Wow, that sounds incredible [:)] With that kinda space, Sumea could offer to host independant game developer's demo's, member animations and other large files.. I'll annoy them through that chat applet for some more details..

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Ok, it's getting close to changing host time, and I'm just getting started looking around. is interesting, but it looks like they only offer php/msql/linux server plans..

Anyone have any recommendations (local or overseas), please post!

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I'm querying a friend on this and he needs to know what DB you use? mysql, access, mssql, etc....

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MS Access... (hides) [B)]

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Sumea's going to be relocated to a U.S server in a few weeks, so things might get a little shaky around here. I'm pretty sure a lot of things are gonna break, and the site might even disappear for a while, but it should be back! The new plan will have 5 times more webspace, some new useful components (uploading images will be so much easier), and a whole lotta other useful stuff for a site admin like myself...

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Ok, just an update on things for those that care. Yeh, bit of a ramble, and probably not much interest to most people, but anyway. The US server is pretty kick ass, I'm loving it! Tonnes of features and options for me as an admin..

I've put up Sumea on there and it seems to be working fine with the database so far. There is an issue with latency however (as Daemin has pointed out to me), it's slightly slower grabbing files half way around the world to us locals.
Anyway, I've found a pretty simple but more costly solution. I'll be downsizing the current local plan that the site is already on to 20mbs, and have it host just the website gfx and thumbnails, and have the US server host the database, the pages, and all the hefty member images.

I've been checking out on what I can do with the new plan and it looks like Sumea can offer some more services to people. Ftp accounts, website under the sumea domain with own seperate bulletin board, sumea email address etc.. I'll probably offer a package with 20mbs space per account and charge some annual fee (thinking $60) for it. It'll be nuts if I give it away for free to everyone, space and bandwidth isn't unlimited, and it'll help me recoup at least a tiny tiny bit from my work.