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Sydney Game Developers!

Posted by Jai on Thu, 13/05/04 - 8:42 AM


With the upcoming convention in melbourn I think it's about time for us Sydney siders to start doing some serious networking.

If you agree please go here and sign up for the meeting on the 18th!

Currently there are two guys going, so if the other guy pikes then I'll be there all alone :(

That would be really sad. Also I just bought a new laptop so I'll show you all my games and stuff. THIS IS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME EVENT!



Submitted by unknownuser2 on Thu, 13/05/04 - 9:57 AM Permalink

I like your enthusiasm man! if i were in sydney i would definately attend, alas im way up north in the supposidly warm queensland weather.... so i regret to inform i cannot [:(]

Submitted by Kuldaen on Fri, 14/05/04 - 8:36 AM Permalink

Sorry, I would love to come but deadlines coming up next week! Will definitely try next month.

Submitted by souri on Sat, 15/05/04 - 12:07 AM Permalink

You should come to Free Play and do some networking there too! It's a much more comfortable place to start networking, I think, even though it's interstate [:)]

Submitted by grantregan on Wed, 19/05/04 - 1:41 AM Permalink

Sounds lke a great idea but unfortunately I have a house inspection tonight and a tonne of freelance work to plough through.


Submitted by Angel on Mon, 24/05/04 - 7:56 PM Permalink

I'm interested in meeting in Sydney, like next month or something?

Submitted by Tripitaka on Tue, 25/05/04 - 4:59 AM Permalink

It would be great to start up something like this semi-regularly ... one of the topics amongst the few poor Sydneysiders at the IGDC was the fact that the games scene is so poor in Sydney. Perhaps even just a chat over beers?

Submitted by Blitz on Tue, 25/05/04 - 9:54 AM Permalink

Perhaps you could try setting it up through like the melbourne one?
CYer, Blitz

Submitted by Kuldaen on Tue, 25/05/04 - 8:07 PM Permalink

Someone already has setup the Sydney one, just sign up here.

The next one is on June 15th. Hopefully we can get some sort of turn out. Did anyone turn up last week Jai?

Submitted by CombatWombat on Tue, 25/05/04 - 8:26 PM Permalink

Personally I don't think the meetup really gives us all we need to sustain a good indie development community. An associated forum would be good, being able to email other participants without having to fork out money to get a meetup plus membership and having some scope for negotatiating the time/day would be handy. It seems to me that sumea allows all this and more.

I am formulating evil plans about deposing the melbourne meetup in favour of a regular melbourne sumea gathering.

Anyone else with me in this revolution? [:D]

Submitted by MoonUnit on Tue, 25/05/04 - 11:18 PM Permalink

on killing the melb thingy for a regular sumea meet-up? sure, but probably best to start a new thread on that cause this is about sydney

Submitted by CombatWombat on Wed, 26/05/04 - 12:24 AM Permalink

True, just wondered if Sydneysiders were interested in a similar idea (we could start a new forum here for sumea-meetups if there were others, I'm thinking)

Submitted by Kuldaen on Wed, 26/05/04 - 8:07 AM Permalink

Sounds like a good idea, Combat. I think that a sumea forum would work just as well if not better than the meetup and as you say, its better than paying whatever is they are asking for the 'extra' services. I'll second your revolutionary ideals, comrade. Maybe we should move this to the Sumea related forum for now. If all else fails we can still fall back on the meetup date. Whereever the thing gets organise, the point is that we start meeting up and building those networks.