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Bachelor of Computing-ness

Posted by Kane on Wed, 14/01/04 - 5:26 AM

hi all...

just curious to know what game dev related stuff some of you done in the Bachelor of Science (Computer Science...

im curious to know because i am starting the Bachelor of Computing in late February...

Submitted by Blitz on Wed, 14/01/04 - 7:48 AM Permalink

Pretty much everything i did was related back to game dev somehow...
Basically, all teh theory stuff, data structures and algorithms, databases, architecture, graphics, ai etc. relates to games pretty obviously, other subjects (projects) helped by practicing coding etc.
I'd say the least related to game dev were one subject on "multimdia systems" (or something) which was basically web development related stuff, and the software engineering subject that was mostly about UML, which i haven't come across in game dev at all yet really, although that may change in years to come.
CYer, Blitz

Submitted by Daemin on Wed, 14/01/04 - 4:22 PM Permalink

Yep, that's true, you can pretty much apply anything learned in Uni to game development, after all it *is* software development!

That also includes beer drinking, lanning, getting drunk with your mates, and the theory stuff.

Submitted by Kane on Thu, 15/01/04 - 4:29 AM Permalink

sick...Uni is sounding better than I thought!

Submitted by Maitrek on Thu, 15/01/04 - 1:19 PM Permalink

I think it depends on the person, I always felt that for every good bit of Uni that I can apply to games making, there's probably at least as much crap that I don't want to do or know.

So now I'm doing a more math-oriented degree.


Submitted by Kane on Fri, 16/01/04 - 5:42 AM Permalink

yeh...i done a Cert 4 in IT (Programming) last year (2003), so I hope that i havent already done too much of the programming stuff...i shouldnt have, linked lists and the more advanced-ish stuff i havent looked at yet...

did you guys base your electives around game dev stuff, or just personal interest stuff?

Submitted by tachyon on Fri, 16/01/04 - 6:39 AM Permalink

i based a lot of my electives around personal interest stuff (which is game dev stuff, so it all works out). i really can't think of any aspect of computer science thats not related to game development in any way.

Submitted by Daemin on Fri, 16/01/04 - 11:23 PM Permalink

Also don't be afraid to pick the subjects that don't seem to have anything to do with game development, as you'll probably be very surprised at the applications some of them have, and they might be a bit of fun too!

Submitted by Kane on Fri, 16/01/04 - 11:49 PM Permalink

i have chosen to do electronics for my electives, which still sort of ties in with game dev, cos it involves a bit of Assembly language programming and microprocessor stuff...mainly from personal interest, but some aspects can still be applied to game dev...

i am not sure whether to do the Honours year when it comes...the only reason i would do it is to do the Game Programming unit...

Submitted by Daemin on Sat, 17/01/04 - 12:22 PM Permalink

First thing you have to worry about is getting good enough grades to get asked to do honors!

Submitted by tachyon on Sat, 17/01/04 - 2:06 PM Permalink

you usually only need a 65 average (h3) to do honours, shouldn't be too much of a struggle

Submitted by Kane on Sun, 18/01/04 - 4:54 AM Permalink

did you peoples do Honours?

Submitted by tachyon on Sun, 18/01/04 - 5:14 AM Permalink

well i'm doing software engineering which is 4 years, at my uni (uni of melb) and you can do honours subjects in 4th year, if you do engineering and you get an overall of 65 or above, you automatically get honours when you graduate, so yeah i suppose i am doing honours.

doing honours would be helpful, especially if you do your thesis on something gamedev related (which is why i'm thinking i probably should have done just computer science with a normal honours year instead of software eng, i changed out of comp sci to software eng in my first year as well, damn)

Submitted by Kane on Sun, 18/01/04 - 7:57 AM Permalink

well thanks for the info guys...

good luck with Uni Tachyon and all the other Uni-goers!