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Free Play 3 (IGDC)

Posted by amckern on Sat, 14/01/06 - 3:02 AM


I have not been here for a while, even though I have been meaning to.

Just wondering if anyone knows when, and if there will be a free play 2006, and if so when?

I am about to get a new job, and it would be cool, to let them know when i'll need that 4 day break, so i can go down to melboune, and enjoy the confrence, and meet up with the people i have seen at the last 2 events.



Submitted by lorien on Sat, 14/01/06 - 3:13 AM Permalink

Sure is going to be one (or there will be serious flames) [:)], but it's too soon to know when yet I think.

For the record my involvement with freeplay has been as a presenter.

Submitted by amckern on Tue, 06/06/06 - 7:46 AM Permalink

BUMP - any update? The last one was almost 11 months ago

Submitted by lorien on Wed, 07/06/06 - 12:49 PM Permalink

I'll ask Fiona what's happening. Unfortunately Katharine Neil (former Atari audio architect and very radical lefty) is no longer with us in Australia- she was one of the (if not THE) main driving forces of Freeplay.

Whatever is happening is likely to be rather different as a result.

Submitted by lorien on Thu, 08/06/06 - 11:41 PM Permalink

Without posting Fiona's reply (had some info she likely wouldn't want up here), there was a very big nextwave this year, people are on holidays afterwards, and funding needs to be sorted out. It looks like it will be in early 07 I'm afraid.

Submitted by amckern on Sat, 10/06/06 - 11:44 AM Permalink

Thank you lorien - i might email the chapter house down there and see what they might be able to pull into place as alt if the old free play's ae no longer viable - or visable.

Submitted by lorien on Sat, 10/06/06 - 10:06 PM Permalink

I would say it's very viable and the last 2 years attendance shows that clearly. Freeplay however isn't Nextwave's primary responsibility, the youth arts festival is, and I personally am much happier with an indie games conference being managed by the youth arts crowd than the game-dev crowd (even the IGDA).

Rather than looking for alternatives it would be much better to work with Nextwave. They're a friendly bunch and welcome ideas and input.

I understand funding for freeplay should not present problems.