Swinburnes new course

I had a carrer speaker at school today talk to us about the games industry. He was from swinburne university nad he told us about a new course they'll offer from next year.
Heres the link

It seems promising and it's a double degree with both a lot of art and programming involved. I gues it's main competitor in Melbourne will be the Monash course.

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yeah ive heard about this, looks really neat. I went "eep" when i heard it had a Maths Methods requirement but then i found out theres bonuses for IT Systems students, so i should be ok if i wanna go into it :P

ill either be doing this or the bachelor of multimedia and design at this stage. It all really depends on my systems result and whatever happens next year :)
oh and 5 yrs!!! eepness (well 4 if you dont wanna do Idustry based learning but... i do :P ).

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Methods is a requirement for nearly all the Multimedia courses in melbourne except the TAFE ones. I find methods quite easy actually. Anyway it's only 4 years cos it's a double degree with a lot of programming as well. But the IBL is probably an essential part of the course.

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Methods isnt a requirement for bachelor of multimedia design, its only folio and interview (thats not TAFE incase you couldnt figure)