Sumea game action!


This is for those of you who hang out in #sumea. I thought it would be nice to get some game playing action happening once in a while. I reckon everyone should download GunBound, which is pretty much a Worms clone. Worms borrowed heavily off that old tank game (you know the one. Two tanks on a landscape, aim your gun nozzle and try to project where the ammunition fire will land.. The wind affects the projection, and a randomly generated landscape provides changes in tactics). GunBound has weapon options, vehicle options, lots of game modes, and it's quite fun, so download the game, and pop into the irc channel to see if we're playing. I'm sure we can get 8 players in the channel at one time to get a good game started, so get downloading! (it's about 100mbs!)

And yes, this is all Kezza's fault. He introduced me to GunBound, and I haven't stopped playing it for the last two days.

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the game you are thinking of is scorched earth