Interview for gamedev course

I had my interview for a game dev course yesterday at Victoria University, I was rather nervous as I didnt really have a lot of work to show off, but the interviewers seemed to like what I showed them. I'm pretty excited about this, unfortunatly I have to wait until the end of next week to find out if I get in or not. :) [}:)]

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good luck with that! fingers are crossed
got any idea as to the number of people who will be applying and the number of people they will accept?

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No idea unfortunatly, But I dont think the class size will be that big.

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Are they still interviewing for that course?
I had my interview with Victoria Uni for the advanced diploma of games development last year. In light of this id say the number of applicants would greatly outnumber accepted offers. I think only about 30 or so spaces are open this year, however it may grow next year depending on the success of the course.

Fluffy did you apply for many other games related courses?

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Well the good news is that I got accepted, Hooray!!

No I didnt apply for any other courses, and I do beleive they would have stopped interviews yesterday (Thursday the 20th) Turns out that I was supposed to have received a letter about it but never got it so when the guy called I had no idea what the hell he was talking about, next tuesday is enrolment day, so I'll be getting up nice and early for that.

Also does anybody here have a good idea of haw many days per week and how many hours per day will I be spending there?

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Congratulations on getting a place. It's the first (of many) steps to the world of games.


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well done! good luck with the future

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congratulations, hopefully you enjoy it