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Tertiary Students v AGDC

Posted by Maitrek on Sat, 15/03/03 - 10:02 AM

Oh no!

If you go to the [url=""]AGDC[/url] site you may realise that the new date is the 20th to the 23rd of November. I'm not sure how much this affects most university students, but this is at the tail end of the exam period for me! Bummer. Might have to miss out on the event, I've already emailed pon chaleune about it - and I doubt the event's date will get changed this year, but at least if you were planning to go, and now can't (that is - you are in the same situation as me), then email the (edit)gal so she knows that she's losing attendees(/edit whoops) :(

I'm not sure what the benefit of having the AGDC earlier in mid-late november is - most games due for the holiday season would have finished crunch time by then and would be in the publishers hands by wouldn't they?

I don't want to see this event become un-attendable by uni students!

Snootchie bootchies!
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Submitted by Sorceror Bob on Sat, 15/03/03 - 10:59 AM Permalink

pon = she

But yeah, when she took over last year things became fairly crappy.. Was looking like there wasn't going to be any student concessions, which was a real kick in the teeth.. Luckily that was changed though :P

Submitted by Daemin on Sat, 15/03/03 - 12:50 PM Permalink

Hrm, well on our Uni's site it appears that exams *might* finish on the wednesday before the AGDC, therefore perfect timing with thursday for travelling.

Let's hope this stays as it is.

Submitted by rgsymons on Sat, 15/03/03 - 10:01 PM Permalink

Hi Maitrek, All,

Indeed most games will be either "gold" by then or not going to make it until Q1 the following year. It is likely the only time of year that studios are able to have staff attend.

The problem in setting the dates is taking into consideration local and international interests. It's hard enough to get international speakers to travel in these times, so we need to at least make sure that we don't clash with anything in Europe or the US. There is Comdex in the US early November and then the Thanksgiving day (probably the US's biggest holiday) and also a "game:on" event in France.

I know Pon takes all feedback seriously, so if you have any ideas for improvement send them along.

BTW: There are going to be a number of new initiatives introduced this year, including a "Careers Market" which should interest a lot of people here.



Submitted by mochumbo on Sun, 16/03/03 - 1:56 AM Permalink

Yeah it looks like my exam period *might* finish on wed 19th Nov as well. I'm kinda glad usyd pushed forward the end of semester a week now.

Submitted by Maitrek on Sun, 16/03/03 - 11:01 AM Permalink

Yeah I'm slightly aware there is alot of co-ordination going on behind the scenes between a billion other events that occur...I just encouraging any other students put in a squeeze to make sure they speak up, at least here...
I might also be lucky in finishing exams on the wednesday just days b4 the event as it turns out :) ...