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Just a work in progress on Sumea Maps which is powered by Google maps. It's missing a few of the bigger studios (couldn't find their postal address e.g THQ Studios Australia, Creative Assembly, Krome Studios, RatBag, Auran, Atari Melbourne House etc).

Planning to include a host of other locations including Educational institutions (AIE, Qantm etc), and events (AGDC, FreePlay, and others from the Sumea Calendar) and meetups (IGDA Brisbane / Melbourne etc).

Make sure you switch to Satellite to view locations in their highest magnification. It'll be much better and useful once I read up more on the Google Maps api [;)]

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"HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found"[xx(]

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whoops, try again [:)]

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Ok, Sumea Maps is coming along very nicely thanks to Mcdrewski helping out with all the Ajx stuff. I've tied it to Sumea's database so if you go to a educational institution or developer's profile (and if we have entered the co-ordinates for it), then you should see a "find it on Sumea maps" button to see it. That button will also appear in news pages or the main page whenever there's an news about an event (and if we've put in the co-ordinates. So far we've only got ACMI's location down but I'll be adding more).

The next step is to make Sumea maps look a bit prettier and then let visitors enter their own locations into the database.

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thank you souri, thank you google :P

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Great idea.