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Perception and Stargate

Submitted by Major Clod on Fri, 16/04/04 - 10:59 AM Permalink

I would give absolutely anything to work on an SG-1 game. I am a complete and utter Stargate Fanatic. I hope they turn out great, go the aussies!

Submitted by Kane on Fri, 16/04/04 - 6:45 PM Permalink

yeh, I'd love to be part of the SG-1 team!

go Perception!

Submitted by TheBigJ on Fri, 16/04/04 - 8:45 PM Permalink

gah.. "computer whiz". The Age should know better.

Great news though. I'm a big fan of SG-1 and can't wait for the game.

Submitted by MoonUnit on Fri, 16/04/04 - 9:07 PM Permalink

stargate was never really a faverouite of mine (actually i find the whole show rather predictable and common pleasedontkillme) but none the less its good to see a deal like this go down with an aussie company.

Submitted by Daemin on Fri, 16/04/04 - 9:36 PM Permalink

Anybody thought about what type of ame would suit the SG-1 story the best? I mean recently I've been playing Star Wars:KOTOR and I think that kind of gameplay would be pretty damn close of what you'd want for the stargate game. I mean I hope they don't make it into a pure First person shooter, not unless they get a really good story behind it like they did for Star Trek: Elite Force...

Oh well /rant

Submitted by spageto on Sat, 17/04/04 - 12:42 AM Permalink

This is great news for Perception and for the Oz games industry. And if you're looking for a job, they are looking for programmers and artists. Let's see more Australian companies go for it like this.

Submitted by TheBigJ on Sat, 17/04/04 - 12:57 AM Permalink

I hope its not going to be a pure FPS. What makes Stargate good is the characters, diverse settings, mix of culture, science and technology, etc. Sure, they carry RC-P90s with them everywhere they go but, like, they don't use them.. that often.

I think a squad-based RPG would suit the show much better.

Submitted by souri on Sat, 17/04/04 - 3:01 AM Permalink

I wonder what's going to [url=""]happen to this project[/url].. It's a Half-life based mod on the Stargate characters/universe.

Submitted by CombatWombat on Sat, 17/04/04 - 7:10 AM Permalink

I've only seen the Stargate movie, and while it was interesting, I'd have liked it a lot better if they excised the cultural imperialism from it. Its subtext seemed to be that the natives wouldn't know where to start to save themselves, but the good ol US-of-A-alikes can come in and save their asses. Too many movies like this and the american public will support invading middle eastern nations to save the citizens from themselves... Oh wait a minute... [:D]

So in short, like Star Trek, which also has elements of this, I found the patronising message of the film to be slightly offensive. Not having wasted money on buying a TV, I can't say I'm familiar with the show that's come from the film, perhaps it has improved. Hope springs eternal.

Yeah the "Computer Whiz" bit was quite cringeworthy...

Submitted by Major Clod on Sat, 17/04/04 - 8:11 AM Permalink

I find SG-1 much more enjoyable than the movie, but thats just me.

I would like to see it go FPS, but I definately would want to be able to walk around and explore, lots of NPCs to talk to, and a few side missions to go on. No walk around find the key stuff please, I don't want to have to complete level after level to get to the boss Goa'uld. Being able to travel between planets at any time would be good, similar to KOTOR.

Personally I would like to hear the main actors from the show doing the voices. If I am controlling SG-1 throughout the entire game, I don't want to be hearing some no name trying to imitate Richard Dean Anderson and others. If that is an issue, I would much prefer that the player is involved in a new SG team, with occasional appearances from main characters at various times.

I have been playing with Farcry for the last few weeks, and the CryEngine seems to be something that would suit a Stargate game quite well. Massive open environments, with decent indoor capabilities too. Squad based AI, Land, Sea and Air vehicle support, its all there.

Submitted by Daemin on Sat, 17/04/04 - 8:44 AM Permalink

Yeah, the stargate series is far better than the movie, and yeah, if it was a pure 3d shooter then it would suck badly.

I think the best idea is the one where you control another team of people that regularly interfaces with SG-1...

Although at least that's what I think would work best.

(Thanks for bringing that up Major Clod :-)

Submitted by TheBigJ on Mon, 19/04/04 - 6:57 PM Permalink

I agree. The movie is great too, but I find the show even better. Or I did, once I got over the fact that Col. O'Neil was being played by McGuyver. :)

Submitted by Daemin on Mon, 19/04/04 - 11:15 PM Permalink

That just makes it all the better, now instead of playing a smart and tough guy who could get himself out of any situation with just a few bricks and string, he's now playing a dumb and tough guy who can get himself out of any situation ... :-)

Submitted by TheBigJ on Tue, 20/04/04 - 12:59 AM Permalink

Although more often than not its Jackson or Carter that do the "getting out of any situation" part. O'Neil serves mostly for comic relief [;)]