Melb 3D student wondering where to go next.

Hey, I'm currently doing a Diploma in Multimedia and i'm wanting to continue along the path of 3D and other areas of game development.
Any advice on what to do after i have finished my Diploma? Or any courses that would help me gain employment in the game industry?

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It really depends on you, your current skills, personality and finances.
The biggest secret about becoming a good artist is that there are no secrets. It's really all about practice.
There are many worthwhile courses around the city, but as with anything, what you get out is directly proportional to what you put in.
I'd consider Aie, Rmit, qantm, Swinburne, and Kangan tafe. There are probably others too. The choice between them is down to you. I'd look at all of them and see which fits your needs best.
Alternatively you might consider self learning or online courses. If you are sure that you have the discipline these can be an excellent alternative, both financially and in the quality of the course material. Examples are the Animation Mentor, and Gnomon School (access to all of the Gnomon DVD content is only $500 us).
Above all keep drawing, do it every day, work hard on your folio and keep trying. Expect to get rejected a lot, don't let this put you off or dishearten you. 90% of the successful artists I know struggled really hard to get their first break. (attend industry events too, it helps to network like crazy)
Best of luck.

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Hey man.

Depends on your budget. If you are loaded, then some specialist schools and courses won't go astray.

If you don't, you can follow my path. I did multimedia at Uni (hardly a specialist course by any stretch of the imagination) and managed to land an art job in the industry several years back.

But remember, no matter what you do, the only thing that matters is your folio. I can promise you no one is going to give you a job just because you went to AIE or anywhere else. They are going to hire the guy with no tertiary education over the most academically impressive graduate if he has a better folio.

So from that end, always remember that the course can help, but it ultimately doesn't matter. Tafe/Uni/Private Institution/School of hard knockers, just get that folio up to standard, both artistically and technically, and you will have the CHANCE of getting a job in this competitive (and shrinking) industry.

Thats my advice anyway.

(as an aside AIE Melbourne seems to be getting a bad rap nowadays so you shoudl also do some research to make sue the course is worthwhile.)

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Thanks for the replies its helped alot, i'm working on a folio at the moment and i have a few models to upload on here when i can. I'm also thinking of asking around for work experience with a few companies think that will help?

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It can't hurt, although to be frank its very unlikley so I wouldn;t get too excited by the concept unless someone says yes.

Sites like these are a great place to get some feedback if you are ready and looking to take the next step, just be mindful that any critisism shoudl be taken as a positive guidence for you, and not a discouragement.

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It can be very hard getting work experience with companies. It isn't a case that they don't want to support the next generation of developers, it's more that it cost money even if you work for free. (which I really don't like suggesting).
Film Vic run a scheme placing graduates in games companies for 6 months, covering equipment costs and 50% of salary. Check out their site for details.