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ATTENTION: Adelaide Gamedev Meetup!

Posted by TyKeiL on Mon, 16/08/04 - 10:40 PM

who in adelaide is interested in a weekly game development night where people gather to discuss games and there development and people set up projects.

a more personal touch to the usual forum messageboards etc.

we could even organise guest speakers to come to our little gathering to see how things go.

start in a cafe and move around the place, gives a chance for game dev's to also get to know the adelaide resteraunt scene & or cafe scene club scene local hall availability etc.

eventually if it takes off register as a chapter to the GDA if all goes well.

it could be monthly,, if anyone is interested please post your thoughts.

i could imagine that a regular 5 to 10 people would attend monthly mabe 15 20, we could hire a projector(or borrow) if anyone has any projects they would love to display and get feedback on.

also i would like to see feedback on the general food price range(if any) people would be willing to pay, myself is about $20 and thats including all drinks and possibly helping someone else out i would usually spend $10. and also what type of venues are prefferable.


Submitted by Daemin on Mon, 16/08/04 - 11:36 PM Permalink

Well I tried to start a small Game Dev club thing at Adelaide University last year, but that didn't go so well. Probably partly due to my crappy organisation of it, but also partly that after the first meeting and a bit we've discussed everything that there was and had not much to say. But if you're willing to give it a go then go for it. Though probably for the first few meetings and such I would advise not to charge, if we were to meet at a cafe just casually then everyone could just buy what they wanted.

Submitted by TyKeiL on Mon, 16/08/04 - 11:56 PM Permalink

yeah i agree, sorry for the confusion, the monatary question was so that we could gauge what kind of place we would go to ie the hyatt or macdonalds , not meant to be a charge for going to the meeting,
just a general how much are people willing to pay for there meals.

and i understand the conversational lull after talking about stuff, i know of ways to get around it , ie give weekly topic headers, talk about something other than games, induce alcahol drinking etc. get everyone to something like the ZONE Zygon or any of the other gaming cafe's to play games,( and i know that gamedev's arent big game players, but its always good to get refreshed on such matters, or even to watch other players play and observe there playing habits,)

Submitted by Daemin on Tue, 17/08/04 - 12:23 AM Permalink

I'd say probably go to some restaurant/cafe on rundle street, that would be best. Unless you have a better idea of where to go?

But I guess that depends on how many people want to go.

Submitted by TyKeiL on Tue, 17/08/04 - 12:30 AM Permalink

the CBD is definatly the place being central to people, atm its just you an me :O)
cafe scuzzi is nice, they have great pizza's
or where i work at fasta pasta- tis good for this type of thing,

im sure more people will suggest there fav places.

im sure that simon and maitrek would probably come if ti doesnt conflict with anything like uni

Submitted by Grover on Tue, 17/08/04 - 1:12 AM Permalink


We have been trying to get people to go to gamedev meetups for last couple of months - sadly the first meeting has been the only successful one.

And because of the too few numbers for tomorrow night, thats been cancelled too. To get something like this going, we really need _alot_ of advertising - it seems there are alot of interested people in Adelaide for this sort of thing, but getting them together is the problem.

Hopefully something can be organised in the future - at the moment I am snowed under, and just cannot afford the spare time. I hope, soon that should change.


Submitted by TyKeiL on Tue, 17/08/04 - 1:33 AM Permalink

thats awesome grover i had a suspicion that something like this had a formal avenue that people were trying to use.

im surprised that i hadnt recieved an email about it seeing as that you were trying to get people,

although after reading the website that you have linked to im not surprised it hasnt worked.
the generic feel of that site completly puts me off. i would still go tho, =P

so Onward with my own Idea's for an SA meetup.

and grover is into this kind of thing so thats another, plus he said we, so thats a few more,..[:o)]

Onward and Upward peoples!!!

Submitted by Soul on Tue, 17/08/04 - 7:12 AM Permalink

Just name a time and a place, and I'll be there.

Submitted by TyKeiL on Tue, 17/08/04 - 7:37 AM Permalink


i just got back from work, and the night is young.

i will come to a conclusion by the weekend i believe, that gives people enough time to either see whats going on or want to be at the next one.

and i really dont care what happens at the meetups frankly i would love to have an SA sumea LAN party one day or a SA Sumea warhammer battle day, or or!! i love being exited its been so long[;)]

hey Grover, when this happens can we count you in on being there as you dont have to organise anything just show up?

that goes for everyone else who is viewing but not replying!!!

Submitted by Maitrek on Tue, 17/08/04 - 8:25 AM Permalink

I'll attempt to make it, but I'm usually about as reliable as a Ford. So expect that I'll have all the intention of going, only to get f***ed by my f***ing f***er of a boss.

Submitted by TyKeiL on Tue, 17/08/04 - 10:56 PM Permalink

ok, been thinking about it last night and asking a few friends questions, and i feel that next sat or sun would be a good time

Submitted by Johnn on Wed, 18/08/04 - 12:39 AM Permalink

thanks for the email Tykeil, I am certainly keen on regular meets for show'n'tell/networking/gossiping-professional of course;) and general shooting the breeze with others.

My preference would be to a weeknight, although I could imaging a saturday dinner (or lunch or arvo coffees) as potentially okay too. at a central cafe sounds good, most will cater for all budgets I think.

I couldnt manage every week, but once a month would probably be achievable.

Submitted by axon on Thu, 19/08/04 - 3:48 AM Permalink

It's awesome to have someone bring together Adelaide's game-devvers. I've been tentatively trying for some time to get something going but succeeded only in making the Meetup i attended a few people bigger.

As proof we're here to stay, in support of Adelaide Game Developer's, I've set up ADELINDIE at (this forum is great.. but don't let's get Adelaide's community lost in the noise.)
I've also got a sourceforge account for any possible project(s) we might like to begin... and web-space to help Adelaidian's promote a developer community.

Hop on board, tooOOt! Founder's unite! Let's get game.

Submitted by TyKeiL on Thu, 19/08/04 - 8:07 AM Permalink

thats great axon! the sourceforge idea is cool,(although i dotn know what we can use it for). and i want to keep the forum use to the sumea site, incase visiting friends and dignitaries drop in they can see us easily through this portal.!!

awesome, sorry for the lack of feedback yesterday i havent been home, ive gotten a few more emails regarding the meetup's and it seems that there is alot of support if its a well administered thing, as in i run around gathering people up each month and working the meetup around them, which im sure willing to do

i have the first venue suggestion in mind, well i have a couple and one of them is bias as i work there.
Fasta pasta is the bias one where i work(sorry no discount)

or the place's i found the other day in rundle are either, cafe frappe on rundle st pretty close to east terrace, very friendly light atmosphere with a nice outside area away from the hustle of rundle st itself,

the belguim beer bar is also good, nice quality est, but i recon more of a afternoon to night thing and people will be difnalty drinking beer :O) i dont see much talking happening there after dark only shouting for more ale ;o)

i have yet to scout gouger st. please if anyone has any support to these venues speak up, or suggest your own. we can compile a list of places we'd like to visit and have a hat draw at the end of each meetup to determine the next venue :O)


i have also emailed the game developers from the sumea profiles, ie and one of them has emailed back with support for talks etc. which is good for us.

im not sure what direction we all want this to head so we'll leave it free to evolve try not to put too much expectation on things.


ok time and dates and stuff: I was thinking, to not let our enthusiasm go stale, next saturday. any objections? i know JohnN would prefer a weeknight but he did say sat is alright and i havent gotten any feedback in any other dir yet!!(remember this is a suggestion).

i like afternoon or lunch,

enjoy the evening people, i will continue to drum up support over the next week from my personal friends and icq buddies, i hope everyone is doing the same and we can get more ppl along :O).

ooh ooh, also if its a small gathering, the places i went into with couches i asked and most of them said we can reorganise there furniture to meet our needs

Samuel Nicholas!!!

Submitted by TyKeiL on Thu, 19/08/04 - 8:57 AM Permalink

are you trying to hijack my idea there axon? :O), i would prefer all of the traffic about this to be kept to this forum topic for now, there's no need to make people join another forum just for this! and its not strictly an indie thing. the need is not great so lets keep it simple for now! growth comes with time not by force(leverage)./end yoda_styles.

ok, i have had people have misgivings for sat,ie maitrek(even tho he's aparrently given up dreams of games, and another friend who sais there's a uni lan on that weekend)

hows the immidiate following weekdays for everyone? ive got a casual job so i can take any day off to make room!

and from talks with a good friend a couple of ideas struck for promotional purposes! Large Lan's ie wonderlan and valhalla i must start going to and getting announcements over the megaphone and a http server with details on.

and uni, im sure there are uni messageboards oh and tafe aswell! there are a few game dev cources happening possibly we can get a meetup slotted in there somehow!

these are just idea's people, implementation takes alot more than just thinking it takes doing and since im the do'er here i will get back to you on how these idea's have panned out!.

Submitted by axon on Thu, 19/08/04 - 9:37 PM Permalink

Sorry! brfbrt.

Maybe _that's_ what's made it difficult to get a Game Dev meetup going.

Yes, I am trying to hijack the forum- coz I rekon we need more than just this thread to cover everthing we're trying to do.

Adelaide's biggest Game Developer Community (Not just Indie's):
TyKeil, Adelindie wants you! (not just Uncle Sam)

Glory to the people!

Submitted by Johnn on Thu, 19/08/04 - 11:41 PM Permalink

Belgium BBar very expensive :( and loud and crowded at night. their are a plethora of dead bars/pubs on Fri/Sat nights in the south of the city, pub venue may exluded some of the younger folk though? is this applicable to anyone interested?

Week days during the day 100% no good for me to attend :(

Can I suggest for the first 'meeting' to have no formal agenda- just a meet 'n' greet.

Submitted by TyKeiL on Fri, 20/08/04 - 4:52 AM Permalink

quote:Originally posted by axon
Yes, I am trying to hijack the forum- coz I rekon we need more than just this thread to cover everthing we're trying to do.

ok, i was planning what john has just said "no formal agenda" just a meet and greet- nothing spectacular, i'm not going to support a move to a new forum untill we out-grow this one, and i don't beleive that has happened yet. and btw my name is Samuel for my sisters children i am literally Uncle Sam.

and i also agree with the no pubs, because of the underage thing.

i have support from around 4 people so far that are definates, if the time is right that everyone can attend. and am going to set a date a time and a location by sunday afternoon whether it bombs or not.

[^] it begins![;)]

Submitted by TyKeiL on Sat, 21/08/04 - 5:11 AM Permalink

ok i have decided, any objections to between 3 and 6pm next sunday arvo?

sunday 29th august between 3 and 6 pm

oops i forgot where!, cafe frappe i will have to get the number of the building its very close to the stag hotel.

and in the cafe you will find us down the back of the place possibly outside if the weather is good. more details to come!

Submitted by TyKeiL on Sat, 21/08/04 - 7:29 AM Permalink

i dont like the idea of making the time for the next one a whole month in advance, keep the times subjext to changeie for people's convenience.

although i do like the idea of getting more idea's for where(not necessarily in town) to have the next meeting.

and as for what people want for meetings, i would like them to completly informal, exept for an occasional formal one when someone gets a guest speaker to come along. even then an informal meeting with a guest speaker is better than formal.

i dont want nor would attend a formal gamedev meetup unless everytime they happened we had something akin to the IDGC(Independant Game Developers Conference) like the one i attended in melbourn.
with guest speakers and panels of discussion, professionals to talk to etc. but thats not likely to be free .

if at the informal gatherings, someone decides to ask a question to the whole group i dont mind partaking, but setting it up formally just doesnt feel good.

i will post again tomorrow with consecrated details for the location.

Submitted by Grover on Sat, 21/08/04 - 8:31 AM Permalink

Hi all.. I would have posted back.. but I have been cranking up the bs machine over at Adelindie. Tykiel why not chuck yer thread up there.. I am sure axon is just trying to get people together.. I actually suggested he post some news about it.. get ppl interested and keen.. to me its not just meeting.. its the actual learning/helping/and all other community aspects of a user group like this. I used to be involved in running a C64 users group back in 1985.. hehe ahhhhh the good ol days.. but even then organisation, and just advertising/notifications were a big thing. Just to get people to know you are there is difficult. And also please understand that Adelindie isnt mine.. or axons forum.. its Adelaides... thats the goal anyway.. we dont want people to be concerned about blasting their stuff up on it.. the more the merrier..

Submitted by TyKeiL on Mon, 23/08/04 - 3:13 AM Permalink

ok definate plans have been made

sunday august 29th
cafe frappe 281 rundle ph.8223 2055
from 3 till 6 pm.

show up between them times and i will be there sitting out the back, possibly outside, with a black folder and a navy blue jacket

Submitted by souri on Mon, 23/08/04 - 8:22 AM Permalink

Make a news submission and I'll push it on the main page for you!

Submitted by Soul on Wed, 25/08/04 - 12:14 AM Permalink

Sounds good!

I'll probably get there a little early, so look for the guy with the blue Sumea T-Shirt (knew it was good for something), sitting next to the guy with the folder & navy blue jacket [:)]

Submitted by Gibbz on Thu, 26/08/04 - 2:51 AM Permalink

hey keep us informed how it goes, i cant make it due to prior arrangments and i just found out today.

Submitted by TyKeiL on Fri, 27/08/04 - 9:47 AM Permalink

sure thing gibbz, i will do a write up and im sure others will post there opinions here, just keep an eye out for changed in this thread after sunday,

only 3 days till sunday!! looking forward to see you all there!

Rize from your grave!!!

Submitted by TyKeiL on Mon, 30/08/04 - 5:12 AM Permalink

Success: now for the right up..

Submitted by Bane Star 00 on Mon, 30/08/04 - 5:36 AM Permalink

Hey Guys,.., Bannister Here.. turned out to be a decent meet n greet, Looks like some people I'll be seeing around the computer industry over the coming years, I'm sorta glad it was informal.. even through those quiet moments.. but obviously next time.. some subject to discuss

If anyones interested in "checking out my cool site" (in joke)

The test account, password test.. remember 2 months old.. very alpha.. dont expect too much..

Submitted by TyKeiL on Mon, 30/08/04 - 5:43 AM Permalink

ok i have no idea how to write a report so this will be random thoughts.(as my memory isnt good and cannot piece the different events into a kind of story).

i thoroughly enjoyed myself(although i am bias).
thanks to everyone who turned up, ad thanks to people who tried or wanted to but didnt end up making it.

8 people showed making for even numbers which was very pleasant, conversation shifted through one group of 8 to 2 groups of 4 to 4 groups of two and back again

the cafe was nice, although the music was a little loud,, and after we moved out of the back smoking section things were greatly improved

even though the weather from yesterday didnt hold it made little difference we sat inside and had a great time..

i did recieve some strange looks at my plunger tea of apple and blackberry(go the tea!!)

in the begninning there was jarred, then TyKeiL and BaneStar arrived and there was much rejoicing,, not before long soul appeard and again there was much rejoicing and shaking of hands! and there was 4

along the way we picked up axon, JohnN deamin and Aaron and again there was much rejoicing and shaking of hands, and there was 8.

the meetup had recieved all the people that going to arrive and there was much conversation and laughter!( well a little laughter and smiles were plentiful)

we had no formal agenda so alot of topics were covered from what games people liked to what they do for a living anything and everything someone wanted to talk about really, we all got along pretty well and i would guess that most people were interested in what eevryone else had to say.

The location of the next one hasnt been set yet nor the time, i will get onto working that out this week. We were thinking bi monthly meetups one on weekends and one on weekdays to cater for as many people as possible.

I shall find a new location each meetup, give the computer crowd some culture :O).
apart from this forum i shall send people e-mails to keep th meetup alive.

see you all around the forums, irc chat #sumea @ and at the next meetup's