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XBox Live in Oz by October

Posted by Brain on Mon, 17/03/03 - 9:33 AM


You can already import the Live kit from US and it works super, as told in the recent issue of Atomic. Here's hoping that this may encourage the growth and expansion of broadband in Australia (was it Microsoft who told the Aussie government that our internet coverage sucks?)

Submitted by souri on Tue, 18/03/03 - 10:31 AM Permalink

Followed closely behind is the news that EA aren't supporting Xbox Live (and Eidos, but who cares about them anymore [;)])..
Speaking of broadband, I've just read this article on 10 MMPOG Titles To Watch For…

I'm not really into MMORG's, but damn, there sure are some really good MMPOGs and MMORPGs coming out. Some HUGE titles in there. The one I would really, really, really love to play is that EVE-Online: Second Genesis game. It looks exactly like what a Elite 2:Frontier sequel should be. There' are a few pictures I've seen (such as a ship docking from the base of a space station) which just reminds me of Elite..

Wider broadband acceptance, and better broadband options sure would be great in Australia. If Xbox Live doesn't do it then maybe the PS2 adaptor would help push things along..

Submitted by rezn0r on Tue, 08/04/03 - 4:12 PM Permalink

XBox Live looks promising. The presentation at AGDC 2002 was quite impressive (even though when demoing, all we saw was a lobby as the few games available were in progress at the time).

It looks nice to make games for, and it could do wonders for the broadband bandwagon in Australia with a wider and more general audience found in console gamers demanding what is considered a standard service everywhere else.

Who says Microsoft are the bad guys?


Submitted by rezn0r on Tue, 08/04/03 - 4:18 PM Permalink

What did they ever do to you?


Submitted by Malus on Tue, 08/04/03 - 7:55 PM Permalink

This isn't aimed at anyone in particular but since it came up I just wanted to get this out. [:P]
I really think bagging Microsoft (Bill Gates)is naive and a little trend following, I mean the whole point of being a company is to become if possible the leading market holder in your field, Microsoft have done this, maybe some areas have been a tad unscrupulous but name a company that plays exactly by the rules. Seems to me its cool to bag them so everyone does.

Bill Gates by the way will have donated more money to charity than any other living person before he dies, far from an evil man as everyone likes to think. I've never met the guy and he doesn't need me to defend him but really like reznor said, What has he done to you/me.

Submitted by redwyre on Wed, 09/04/03 - 3:13 AM Permalink

Monopolising the market for starters...

I'm not a "Microsoft sux! linux rox0rs!! oMG LOL!!" kinda guy (linux sucks too;)
I have my reasons for disliking Microsoft.

But then again I have my reasons for liking Microsoft.

What a tangled web we weave!

Submitted by Daemin on Wed, 09/04/03 - 8:05 AM Permalink

I don't really think that there would be enough people in Australia with broadband and X-Boxes to make the multiplayer games worthwhile. That and I don't either an X-Box nor broadband.