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Old Event: Developers, come to an IGDA meeting No

Posted by LiveWire on Thu, 17/11/05 - 9:47 PM

This has already been posted on the from page, but I might aswell make use of this somewhat redundant forum section:

Next event: What, who, when, where
WHAT: A casual pub meeting for developers to relax, meet each other, and share advice and stories. You can come and leave anytime. You can have a bite to eat or a drink there.

WHO: Anyone active, once-active, or actively pursuing a career in the game development industry. Those not in the industry and not yet fully dedicated to breaking in, please stay tuned for future events that reach out to the wider community.

WHEN: Sunday, 20 November, @ 3:00 PM. At least some of us will stay till 5:00 or later.

WHERE: The Ice Bar, 3/110 Macquarie Street, Teneriffe. Call (07) 3257 2228 if needed. Easy parking on streets nearby.

FINDING US: Look for computer game boxes on the tables, surrounded by a crowd of rapidly chattering people with nimble and well-developed fingers.

HELP: Superwoman truna?s number (SMS preferred) is 04 0488 4027. Backup number is Matthew?s: 04 2315 7363.

UPDATES: Before the event, check replies to this event thread (see link) to see if there have been any changes in plan!

More info [url="…"] here[/url]