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Anyone played the League Game yet?

It's called Stacey Jones' Rugby League over here. It's a bloody riot - huge shouting going on in our living room in my flat. Just like real league.

Great fun - a lot better than the EA rugby (which did some things right) and the passing is leaps and bounds ahead. I'd love to think what the guys at Sidhe could do with an EA sized budget.

Im particularly fond of how easily playable it is. Scrums are automatic (mirroring the uselessness of them in real league) and the game is speedy - you're never sitting there tapping the buttons while something is going on.

Anyone else played it? My flatmate and I took a bit of a drubbing with the Warriors, but we're getting better! Goddamn the Warriors lack of a good kicker - bring back Cleary!

Submitted by bullet21 on Wed, 17/12/03 - 7:59 PM Permalink

Yeah i played it, didn't like it to much. But this might have something to do with the fact that i'am a UNION man. I think there are way to many rules in leaggue and playing it in real life was a pain in the ass. So I don't even wanna attempt learning the game. It was a bit of fun when with my mates. But i hate League.

Submitted by JonathanKerr on Thu, 18/12/03 - 5:11 AM Permalink

Dont get me wrong, I love union more than league, I played Union for 8 years (Fullback/Centre/Wing plus a season in the forwards). But I totally disaree that there's more rules in league. League also translates to a better videogame. Players either pass it, or get tackled. This is a lot easier than passing it, going to ground, creating a rolling maul, getting tackled, setting up a phase play etc.. Once the man is tackled, there's too many things going on.

Rugby is far more open to interpretation and in EAs rugger game, you had to turn off the offsides because the AI was fucken stupid, they were always getting in the way of things and cocking it up. Mind you, it was made by Canadians - hardly a strong rugby nation.

Submitted by unknownuser6 on Fri, 19/12/03 - 1:50 AM Permalink

I'm a union fan too, just remind me who won the world cup? I can't quite remember (guess where I'm from)????

Who was that guy that kicked the ball between the two sticks in the final? oh yeah, Jonny!!!

-- Unlike Cheryl, I don't have citizenship (or permanent residency yet), so I'd better shut up before some sore Aussie deports me. --


Submitted by JonathanKerr on Fri, 19/12/03 - 6:10 AM Permalink

Ah - I bet England has a whole lot of Union fans now. They'd never heard of the sport before 3 weeks ago.