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Posted by AndyFitz on Wed, 18/12/02 - 12:30 PM

Okay the question is up in the air.

does anybody in the games industry know we exist ?

Austalian Interactive Multimedia Industry Association

Founded in 1992, AIMIA represents the views and needs of Australia's interactive media industry.

The actions of governments and consumer organisations can have a tremendous positive or negative effect on the environment in which your business operates.

There is strength and credibility in numbers. By being part of your industry association you help to make AIMIA a strong and credible force, able to make a positive impact for members at Government and industry levels.

Our strength has resulted in AIMIA being invited to advise governments on industry needs, and we have seen substantial results in the form of programs to stimulate supply and demand for interactive multimedia in Australia.

These programs have included federal and state funding to put AIMIA executive officers on the ground in four states, AusTrade subsidies for members to attend overseas trade fairs, the establishment of Australian Multimedia Enterprise (AME) which has invested in Australian multimedia projects, and the establishment of Cooperative Multimedia Centres (CMC's) to support multimedia education, research, and sharing of resources in five states.

Andrew Fitzsimon

Submitted by Meatex Salami on Wed, 18/12/02 - 7:06 PM Permalink

it depends what you mean by that exactly.
We do have a few members that works for houses like microforte and some others. (Souri would be able to answer this Q a lot better than me me)

It is infact ants who are the true rulers of this world!!!

Submitted by Blitz on Wed, 18/12/02 - 9:55 PM Permalink

This is the first i've heard.
CYer, Blitz

Submitted by souri on Thu, 19/12/02 - 12:10 AM Permalink

I've been a web designer/developer for years, and I have to admit that I didn't even know AIMIA existed [:)].. 'Interactive Multimedia' is a very, very broad term, and it yes, you can stretch game developement under that as well. However, looking at the AIMIA memberlist and website, it feels like the organisation is more focused towards design studios/internet developement and that industry.. There aren't any game studios in that memberlist either, except for Eyecon (who also do web developement), so I guess it would be a rather safe bet that not a lot of the students/developers/visitors on this site would know of AIMIA. A post at is propbably more appropriate than a place like this, but if the AIMIA are planning to broaden their scope to cover game developement more, then I'd like to hear more [:)]

Submitted by Daemin on Thu, 19/12/02 - 12:27 AM Permalink

Never heard of it before.

Submitted by Brain on Thu, 19/12/02 - 3:10 AM Permalink

Yep, know of AIMIA. Hosted a few conferences and such up Brisbane way (like the 3DSMAX 4 launch). Was considering joining up, but the rest of life took over.

I heard of it via QANTM. If I remember correctly, we had a fair few employment opportunities passed on to us via you.

Chris Bowden

Submitted by AndyFitz on Thu, 19/12/02 - 7:38 AM Permalink

I agree with you interactive multimedia is a broad term, In-fact at one stage there were considerations to shift AIMIA?s approach to solely web developers.

However most of the members and industry authorities within AIMIA work with as many, if not more software development companies than they do animation and graphic design studios.

Krome and Auran are a long standing corporate members of AIMIA and continue to work with AIMIA to cross promote their work as well as the industry itself.

I wouldn?t say AIMIA is totally game focused due to the majority of its members being in e-commerce e-learning etc.

The closest buzz is our interest in web based gaming. ( director, flash, java etc )
That?s something I?d like to keep an eye on because of its potential to be one of the only game?orientated platforms that will produce reasonable returns independently within the Australian economy

Andrew Fitzsimon