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What to charge?

What would be agood price to charge someone for a model with 3 or 4 different normal maps and skins? Its just a plain character, has to be 1500 polygons or less, the normal maps make up for the lack of detail.

Submitted by souri on Tue, 20/01/04 - 6:48 AM Permalink

Bill them depending on how long it takes you to build and finish it, and charge them about $25-30 per hour?

Submitted by Fluffy CatFood on Tue, 20/01/04 - 6:53 AM Permalink

If I did that they would end up paying a fortune, since making normals takes me friggen ages, I'm not fast enough wih the high poly work

Submitted by inglis on Tue, 20/01/04 - 9:22 AM Permalink

have a look on sites like turbosquid. see what others are charging for work of the same level.

Submitted by inglis on Tue, 20/01/04 - 9:25 AM Permalink

p.s. little off topic- is anyone experienced with sites like turbosquid? anyone have any items for sale, sold anything on sites like these.
If so, do you get your money straight away, how much % do they take, do you make much sales etc.

Submitted by jacobt on Wed, 21/01/04 - 1:52 AM Permalink

Remember that with turbosquid, the artists rely on selling a number of the same model, so they price accordingly.