I'm (almost) Famous!


I'm almost famous, actually I'm featured at the start of the AGDC video, just standing there looking like a dumbass behind the guy on the mobile phone.

I saw some other people there that I met at the conference, post up a msg if you cna see yourself?

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[:D] Well, it'll be a long time before I get to go to the AGDC. [;)]

We like a man who comes right out and says what he thinks - when he agrees with us.

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I think I recognize Lava Monkeys programmer posture in the crowd there too. That would make me the one beside him.


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Nope, they didn't take any footage of the expo, which was where i was most the time, showing hail off. So no Bob..

Saw plenty of my friends on there though :P

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My arm made it in *snicker* It was during the Sony Party and I was talking with the guy from SSG (not that it means a lot to most people)

-I spent my Valentines Day getting drunk with 40 guys!