GDAA Newsletter Photos


any Sumeans in this AIE photo from the latest GDAA newsletter?

(sorry if it takes yonks to load)

** edited by Souri - I just converted your 340k png image to a 40k jpg one [:D]

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heh i just walked into the loo's behind just before that pic was taken, does that count? :P

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Thats mainly just the frost team with about 4 or so other people from AIE.
I think i'm the head at the behind/between ian gibson (the guy standing on the left) and neil boyd (FBI shirt). Photo is too low res to tell, but i do remember that photo being taken and i did have a freshly shaved head at the time :)
I know a few of the other people in the photo but don't know if they are sumeans :)
CYer, Blitz