Anyone enrolled in/heard about QUT's Degr


I am just wondering if anyone has heard about QUT's Creative Industries (Communication Design) / Information Technology double degree? Its aimed at Game design, having a nice balance of multimedia and IT, with a couple of specialty units for games thrown in.

What are you general thoughts about it? Would it be a good course to enroll in?

You can see an overview of the course here.

Reason I ask is that I am currently enrolled in my second year of IT at QUT, and I am really interested in switching over to a double degree. Even though I have already done a lot of the units already in my IT degree, I really think that the Communications Design side of the course would be great, especially considering I am a better artist than programmer.

I will be at uni for about two more years than I would be if I stuck with I.T., but I think if I have this degree behind me the wait should be worth it.

Anyway, if anyone knows much about this course, let me know what you think!



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from what I heard about it, that wasn't really a "game development" course... more an artsy version of IT.

although it would be closer to games than other degrees, it's not great if you want to be a programmer (at which point i lost interest)... although if your goes is to live as a developer or artist it might be useful.

but I'm no expert on such things, I took the way of the code-monkey (waves around his katana that acts as a 128gb usb drive)

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Artsy version of IT... Excellent

I prefer art over programming.