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Government consultation on Digital Culture - games industry input needed

Posted by greebo on Mon, 19/09/11 - 5:58 AM

Hi all, hopefully this will be of interest to some of you. I'm running a large public consultation about digital culture in Australia to feed into the National Cultural Policy which will determine the next 10-15 years of government policy in this area. The Digital Culture Public Sphere is about ensuring digital voices (inc games devel) is well represented. Basically it'll be all about how government supports the creation, skills, exports and international narrative of the creative arts, industries and institutions, so it's a good chance to get your say in :)

You can contribute in the blog comments, by twitter to #publicsphere, directly on the wiki, at the live event on October 6th (in person in Sydney or it'll be streamed online). All details are at…

Hope some of you get involved. I'm also chatting to several of the games devel industry reps and companies, but though it'd be good to also get some broader community feedback and ideas :)