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Accomodation near AIE

Posted by Kane on Mon, 20/10/03 - 7:01 PM

Once again, hello to all...

If anyone can help me in any way with this, it would be much appreciated...

Because I may be going to the AIE in Canberra next year, I am trying to look for a place to stay while I am studying. Does anyone know where or how I could find a good place to stay somewhere near the AIE?

As I said before, any help is appreciated...

Submitted by unknownuser1 on Mon, 20/10/03 - 7:34 PM Permalink

depends on how much you a willing to spend and how far you are willing to travel. a few people who have attended tha aie have always just gone into group housing around the Watson/Dickson/Ainslie area. not fantastic houses, but the prices are reasonable. otherwise, you could get a small appartment in Civic, and ctach one of a few buses to Watson. Civic is the centre of Canberra though, so prices range from reasonable to damn expensive. you could probably find some good real estate sites on the net, i have never looked though, so i cant really help you out there. other wise its just doing it the good old fashioned way and calling around.

Submitted by Kane on Mon, 20/10/03 - 10:32 PM Permalink

ok thanks for that...i think sharing a place with a few people would be the way to go...from the research I have done so far it is considerably cheaper

i have to find someone else who is going there and maybe I could organise something...

Submitted by Blitz on Tue, 21/10/03 - 4:42 AM Permalink

You should get in touch with the AIE, they may be able to help you out, give you some contacts of people who will be studying there next year etc.
I believe they also have some agreement with CIT for some limited accomodation.
CYer, Blitz

Submitted by Kane on Tue, 21/10/03 - 5:28 AM Permalink

alrite...thanks for that...i'll get onto them right now!