iPhone game course at RMIT - got any questions? Ask them here.

Hi everyone, I'm Conor O'Kane and I'll be teaching the iPhone game development course at RMIT in November.

Here's the link to the course information and enrollment page: http://www.shortcourses.rmit.edu.au/keysearch.php'show_public_course=1&select_course_type_code=S345260&cbs=f58b032a9e625fa0eaaf0eda8aaa438a

If you've got any questions about the course please ask them here.

Here's some general information about the course:

The course is open to the public - anyone can enroll. To get the most from the course you should have some existing game development experience. Photoshop skills will be essential and some basic programming knowledge will help. The course will be using the Torque 2D game engine which has visual game editor and a scripting language. If you've written any actionscript for flash, or Java or C# then you'll be fine. Experienced programmers will get even more from the course as the complete C++ source code for the Torque engine is accessible.

The class starts on Monday the 16th of November and runs from Monday to Thursday for 3 weeks (12 classes total). Classes are 3 hours each and if there's enough demand there will be 2 classes per day, one morning and one afternoon.

The labs are well equipped with the following gear: Mac computer with Wacom intuos 4 tablet. Ipod touch on every computer.
Software installed: Torque Game Builder for Mac and iPhone, Xcode with Apple developer license, Photoshop, Textwrangler (script editor).

The first half of the course will be an introduction to the Torque engine, covering sprites, scrollers, animations, particle effects, sounds and text objects. You will then learn how to build a Torque game and run it on the iPhone, incorporating tilt and touch input into the game. For the second half of the course you will make your own original iPhone game. You can team up with other participants if you like. I will assist with game development and design and will also be demonstrating more advanced techniques in the 2nd half of the course. At the end you will have your own game running on an iPod touch.

Note that Torque Game Builder runs on Windows and Mac - so you can work on your game at home on a Windows computer. You only need a Mac to build the game on the hardware (iPhone or iPod touch). The trial version of TGB lasts for 30 days, but you can buy a TGB indie license for only US$100, which will allow you to continue developing your iPhone game, or make Mac and PC games.

The course costs AU$800.

More info about the Torque engine: http://www.garagegames.com/products/torque-2d

I've been working in the games industry since 1999 mainly as a Senior Artist and Technical Artist. I began writing my own games using Torque in 2007 - some of you may have heard of my whaling simulator Harpooned (http://harpooned.org) which was made with the Torque engine.

You can see more of my wok on my YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/m0n0RAIL

I've been teaching classes in the games degree at RMIT for just over 6 months.