Perth - Murdoch's Games Technology course

I have a tough decision to make and I was wondering if it was worth sacrifising a Computer Science degree in University of Western Australia to pursue a Bachelor Degree in Games Technology + a degree in Computer Science in Murdoch as I wish to be in the computer gaming industry.

My parents are saying that Murdoch is not a good university and UWA is the best. Which course do you think I should pursue?

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Having completed a Bachelor of Computer Science at a "normal" university I'd have to say do that instead of the dedicated games course. I was all enthused about working on games when I first started Uni and in High School, but now I'm much more pessimistic. I would probably rather program applications (in fact that's what I'm doing now in my spare time) than games for a living, though I would still probably dabble in some graphics technology and small games as a hobby.

My advice would be to complete your normal CS degree where you're currently at, and then if you're still *extremely* keen on making games maybe think about attending one of those speciality colleges/degrees. Just remember that someday you might change your mind and want to do something else, a general degree won't be a hinderence to that.

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I agree with Daemin, particularly if you can do some graphics and or physics subjects where you are.

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Wouldn't that take 7 years?

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CS Degree all the way, you'll learn more about the in's and outs of computers then any Game Course will teach you. For a programmers gig, that's the most important thing. From there, you can always get into games via your own demos etc, where as if it falls through, you can't really do anything else with a Games Degree.