West Australian Game dev


Just wondering if there are many if any game dev studios located in WA? Im moving there soon and while im not specifically looking to get another job in game dev while there i would be interested to know the state of play over there now?
Ive been in melbourne for the last 5 years...


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Hey Adam, There's a couple courses here, but no active studios. I looked forward to my move to Perth as it forced me out of the Game industry, (by now we've all heard the horrors of EA). Anyway when you get over here, if you want to meet up with a fellow ex-game developer, drop me a line :)


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Yeh wouldnt mind catching up...Ive only done contract work via home..which has suited me in the last few years...Got close to one particular company and just kept doing small jobs for them while working a day job too...
No companys at all...shame...although if u had the funding a nice place to start up...


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We're only indie, but Superfurious is up and running in Perth...

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Hey there,

I am an aspiring amateur games developer from Perth. I am looking to start making an impression and get the ball rolling. Would love to join an existing studio or help create a new one.

I am sure there are many like me...
Anyone want to start something up?