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new melbourne tafe course in animation

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 21/09/03 - 2:40 AM…

if your like me and is still at high school this new animation course might interest you. It covers many aspects of animating including thouse techniqes that are valuable in the games industry.

however it comes with a sting. if your like me and your going for an advansed deploma in animation it costs a whopping $4,250 a semmester. ($17,000 all up over 2 years)And to add insult to injery you can get Hex on it. People like me who will proably have to withdraw a student loan.

this is proably the most expensive tafe course in history. iv'e seen uni courses cheaper then this.

but it looks worth it none the less. money is no excuse to fuck up dreams.