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AIT Presents: Motion Capture School Open

Posted by soulstone on Tue, 21/10/03 - 7:30 AM

Digital Media Mag Nov 2003

Dear all gammer and pro,
We like you to come for our openday at 14th Jan 2004, to see our coolest motion capture performance and speakers from industry.
14th Jan 2004 is our open day for Mocap School at CBD Sydney.

Course offering includes:

Advanced Diploma of Multimedia (Game Design & Animation)
This course major in game design and 3d animation, develop your skills in the creative side of the game productions. Animation class will cover Motion Capture animation, to craft the soul of character animation and game production. Virtools Dev 3.0, 3DS MAX, SkechUp are the main software used to construct and build game environments

Advanced Diploma of Multimedia (Game Programming & Development)
This course major in programming and development side of game productions. C++, C# in 2D, C# for OpenGL. Student will also develop and construct a game using Virtools Dev 3.0-The best in game creations and AI engine.

Advanced Diploma of Multimedia (VFX & MoCap Animation)
This course focus in cinematography titles, VFX in 3DS MAX and Motion Capture animations. Creating opening animations like FinalFantasy using state-of-art mocap equipments to produce human-like animations. Title design for motion picture are also core of the subjects.

Professional skills development and Industrial training (VFX & Animation)
This course is design for people who desperate to get in to post-production house and found yourself a talented in production skills and like to be recognized from Australia's top post-production house. There are master class running 2 times per year. Speaker from Australia's top post-production companies. This place are strictly limited to 10 seats. Best 4 students will be selected to training in the industry. Main software used in this course are Adobe Aftereffects and 3DS MAX (Avid Express, Maya and combustion may introduce soon!). Project includes Title design and VFX motion titles.

Email us at [url=""][/url] or mail me for more info!