Sumea Education Insider


Ok, I have some free time today so I'm going to start on the Sumea Education Insider section. Sounds snazzy doesn't it? Well, it's basically a new section which will list all of the known education sites in Australia and New Zealand. Sort of like developer profiles, but with game development courses.

I've noticed that, while the comments of the courses in the [url=""]Australian & New Zealand game development courses[/url] thread have been extremely good, it's probably not the best way to provide feedback on all those courses when it's all in just one thread.

So, the plan is to allow feedback to each course via Sumea comments. Sure, with anonymous posting, comments may get a bit ugly now and then, but hopeully they'll be offset with good, insightful and constructive comments.

Ok, I just got a call to go out, so I won't have any time to do any of this today, but since I just wrote all that above, I may as well post it. [:D] And before MoonUnit says it, WEBCAM!!!!!!!!!

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ha ha ha ha awesome, nice to know im thought of :P ;)