Safety Measures for Outsourcing - HELP


Hi guys, so I am still in the development stage of my first iOS game :P

I will be outsourcing the coding to an online freelancer (not through Odesk, Elance, Freelancer or any 3rd party sites).
I will be providing him with all the graphics, sounds and also the Game Design Documents.

My concern is that I feel like I have no real protection against him from finishing the game, then uploading it himself on the iOS store.

Besides a written contract (I don't know how effective that is internationally and for freelance work), are there any safety measures, methods or programs I could use to prevent him from stealing the game?

Any tips will be greatly appreciated!

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Hi there, my tip is to employ him through Odesk. They create watertight contracts for you and so long as the dev is not in China, you should be able to sue him into oblivion if he releases the game with all your IP.