Animation Course for Beginner

Hey there,

I am extremely interested in completing an animation course, particularly looking into building the skeletons etc.
However, I don't want to dive into a degree as yet, as this will be a complete career change for me ( comming from a science work background, as well having studied physiotherapy for 2 years- my knowledge in human anatomy will definetely come in handy :) ), so I want to ensure that this is definetely the career path I will passionately follow before I do endevour in a degree.

Therefore, I am interested in completing a lower level course. I am looking to find the best/highly recommended course in Sydney, anywhere from a certificate I-IV, even diploma. I have been reading into AIE, QANTM ( where my partner is looking to do the Games Design Degree ) and the Tafe Design Centre at Enmore...

Any advice, or assistance would be much appreciated.

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Im currently at AIE Melbourne. They cover everything you need to know about the 3d industry in the first year from modeling - texturing- rigging - animating and rendering. And then in the second year they focus things a bit more depending what you want to do. I cant speak for the Sydney campus but if it is like the Melbourne one then it would get my recommendation. I have done a adv dip of multimedia at a place called IDEA and a bachelor of design multimedia at Swinburne and I can safely say that I have learnt the most at AIE.

you should be warned that this is a VERY difficult industry to get into

Hope this helps