game programming courses?

I recently arrived to Australia.
I want to become a game programmer.
I understand that there are game programming courses I can undertake (i.e. AIE in Canberra)
I live in Melbourne and want to know if there are such courses in the Melbourne CBD.

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I would suggest just a normal computer science or software engineering degree, that way if you can't get a job in the games industry (or for some crazy reason you decide you don't want to anymore) you can get a normal programming job. In terms of courses directly focusing on games programming, i'm not sure there are any in the melbourne CBD, however I know that RMIT offers particular subjects in their computer science degree related to games programming.

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Melbourne CBD is REALLY limiting your's pretty much RMIT (uni/tafe) or melbourne uni.
If you actually meant melbourne in general, i think la trobe uni and monash uni both offer comp. sci degrees with some sort of specialisation in games development.
As far as specialised game dev courses, i don't believe there are any in melbourne yet.
CYer, Blitz

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I thought that a few of the Melbourne Unis started something. For some reason I am thinking it might have been La Trobe and Monash (as blitz said). The GDAA site has some links to the various Unis in Melbourne - might be worth a look. Also there was a thread about schools floating around .Sumea somewhere.