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Sumea Challenge #10 - Tejay

Posted by Tejay on Wed, 23/07/08 - 11:38 PM

Workin on ideas mostly atm, just starting my post. I gotta say though i'm looking forward to the challenge and i plan on doing much better then last year. I'll probably start sketchin up some of my rough ideas tomorrow.

Submitted by kit11 on Sat, 26/07/08 - 11:17 AM Permalink

cool nice start =) i always find it hard to come up with differnt ideas, if i get 1 at all its a mirical lol

Submitted by Adromaw on Sat, 26/07/08 - 3:21 PM Permalink

The first and last one speak to me, but I'm not sure what direction the middle one could be taken. My mind doesn't picture an immediate relationship between the two objects, the guitar and the sword. The first, an engineer or mechanic with a pyromaniac flair sounds like fun. The last looks like a Gothic fashion salon girl. Kinda classy and commits crime with style. A lot of messed up gore could follow that one in the vein of crime thrillers like bone collector or something.

Submitted by Adromaw on Sat, 26/07/08 - 4:38 PM Permalink

Hehe fair enough, just my comment regarding not picturing a relationship was aimed at for example - The joker and his depiction has a relationship between his look, how he acts and his calling card - the joker from the deck.

Catwoman's suit is themed directly at cats.

The riddler at puzzles and questions.

mr.freeze at cold science.

two face, his occupation and physical look + his calling card so to speak the coin of two heads. I just wasn't picking up much between what he looked like he does and his 'method'. Yet the other two seemed pretty clear as to what they'd likely be at. Just something to ponder

Submitted by Tejay on Fri, 15/08/08 - 5:53 PM Permalink

so i've been slowly working on the designs but have yet to come up with one i am over joyed with. i have decided to go with my musician design because of how unique i can make the design. He possibly a she (still not sure) works as a hitman for the mafia. he/she specialises in parties. disguised as a band memeber to enter and the guitar bag to store their weapons. As for a past i was thinking he/she went to the mafia for help in taking their musical career further and got stuck in a contract that now makes them kill to repay the ever growing debt.

i'm still not over all happy with the design yet, i like parts from each rough, but i still want to play around with it alot further. I am also still trying to nut out the sword design which i would like to have some attributes of a guitar.

Submitted by Tolch on Sun, 17/08/08 - 12:59 PM Permalink

First one strikes me most to being a musician for his top half whereas the pants of the 3rd feel more to me than the 1st ones.

2nd ones clothes do nothing for me sadly, since i like ur concepts a lot :)

Submitted by Tejay on Sun, 17/08/08 - 1:11 PM Permalink

thanks tolch i'll keep that in mind for the next few concepts. the biggest problem i had with the first one was i want a jacket with sleeves. but there is still much design to be done. hopefully i can pull somethin good out of the first and last two images

Submitted by Tejay on Thu, 11/09/08 - 11:57 PM Permalink

I'm still workin on the comp <_< just been busy. With finishing a big school project and trying to finish a personal project for my demo reel, i've just not managed to spend as much time concepting as i have wanted. Not to mention i am entering the unearthly challenge and i dont want to let my team mate down.

Anyways this is my design so far. I've been playing with colours atm. Although i still have plans to add more detail. As for story i need to properly write it out one day soon. But the rough idea is he is a ideticle twin of a rockstar. He was raised by the mafia after birth and all record of his exsistanced was erased. During his brothers gigs he carries out the mafias work. With no matching fingerprints and hundreds of people seeing his brother at his performances they cant keep him in jail. I'm thinking of calling them the pheonix brothers. Since they keeping getting out of jail, like a pheonix is reborn after death.

Submitted by Tejay on Wed, 17/09/08 - 11:02 AM Permalink

been playing with the design further. still want to add detail on a few more things but i am starting to get more pleased with the design.

Submitted by sebp on Fri, 19/09/08 - 12:04 PM Permalink

He looks like he has motor bike gear on, is that what you have been using as reference? I like the phoenix pattern on the back of the jacket.

Submitted by Tejay on Fri, 19/09/08 - 5:11 PM Permalink

yeah, i stumbled onto some motorbike gear and decided it fitted pretty well and gave it a bit of a different look to normal. i'm trying to work on finalising the design at the moment. Hopefully i will have something new to post soon.

Submitted by Tejay on Mon, 13/10/08 - 10:47 PM Permalink

so i've started modeling the base mesh, this is my progress so far...

so far the mesh is only 7940 tris.

Submitted by souri on Tue, 14/10/08 - 11:33 AM Permalink

I think the proportions are a bit incorrect - legs are way too long. The head is generally a bit too small also, although that might be a design choice so the character looks more bulkier. Muscle definition on his upper body could do with some more refinement - check out some references on how muscle segments meet each other on shoulders, elbows, arms etc. Use references!! Making great looking muscles can make all the difference in your model.…

Then again, perhaps you're going for a cartoony sort of muscley character?

Submitted by Tejay on Tue, 14/10/08 - 11:55 AM Permalink

Thanks for the advice souri, much appreciated. The model is still in early stages and i decided not to define most of the muscles since they would be covered in clothes anyway. As for the head i was trying to go for a more bulky feel then my concept, i just couldnt seem to draw the anatomy the way i had imagined. The legs are being fixed now, thanks for pointing that out, i can sometimes over look that. With my style i would like to try and make it more realistic, to try something a little different from normal.
Another render should be up soon.

Submitted by Tejay on Wed, 15/10/08 - 12:03 PM Permalink

making some progress, would appreciate any critque, will update with other views later

Submitted by Tejay on Mon, 10/11/08 - 11:00 PM Permalink

Over the half way mark in sculpting now. I hate hands by the way...they smell.
I plan to mirror the pants which is why they are only half done.
All critique is welcome as always. I've also made the changes to the eyes and ears on the head, but i will show that when the high poly is finished.