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Sumea Modeller Challenge


This is where you'll find all the details and contestants for the Sumea Modeller challenges!

tsumea modeller challenge #10 official thread

The title sums it up. In the mean time how about an unofficial modeler challenge to get people in the mood, a concept art challenge or even a texture challenge (Make a set of say 8 tiling textures and put them in a basic environment)

In fact I think a concept art challenge warrants further discussion.

What do you think?

Submitted by souri on Sat, 29/03/08 - 4:41 PM Permalink

So we have a couple of months until then. The problem with unofficial challenges or little challenges has always been the lack of interest in them. People rather opt to spend their spare time on the real challenge, it seems.

Submitted by Johnn on Sun, 30/03/08 - 12:11 AM Permalink

A concept art challenge would be of interest to me :D like wise for any shorter illustration based activities in the Quick Activities section.

Submitted by Adromaw on Sun, 30/03/08 - 11:11 PM Permalink

I just might brave it, we'll see.

And hi guys :) (I've been lurking around but the tutors have always been encouraging getting out there - somewhere lol) Concept art would be fun.

Submitted by Tejay on Sun, 30/03/08 - 11:26 PM Permalink

i'll take any challenge, the more practice the better, wether it be concept, texturing or modeling.

Submitted by dark_virus_2007 on Sat, 05/04/08 - 12:37 AM Permalink

I would be up for something like that although time is definitely not on my side atm. Atm I am also doing the Dominance war challenge which is keeping me too busy atm to do an unofficial challenge though.

Ill definitely be joining the modeller challenge again this year as last year taught me alot about art direction so this year I am going to try and follow our next brief more accurately:P.

Submitted by Mitch P on Fri, 18/04/08 - 10:11 AM Permalink

Im thinking we should do a low poly char comp, say 4 weeks to make a 1500 poly char, only use diffuse/spec/opac.

Just make a poll and let community vote, no prizes heh.Im sure at least 3 or 4 people from AIE would do it so it wouldn't be completely empty :)

Submitted by souri on Fri, 18/04/08 - 2:50 PM Permalink

Yeh, I've been considering making it a low polygon competition this time round. What does everyone else think? I do have a theme in mind already, and of course, it's something we've never covered before. It will be a character challenge though.

Submitted by Mitch P on Fri, 18/04/08 - 5:49 PM Permalink

Do you mean for the main comp or as a mini comp?

For the main comp I think you should really head more towards dominance wars limits (9000 tris, 2048x2048 textures, able to use mental-ray and effects ect in your beauty shot only).

The big advantage of the Sumea comp for us is that we get to get so much feedback, it would be a shame if it was too niche is all.

Submitted by dark_virus_2007 on Sun, 20/04/08 - 12:16 PM Permalink

My Idea was to do what Dominance war 3 did(have a mini comp 650tri character (limited to 256 x256 texture sheets) and then have a main comp 9000Tri limit (2048x2048 textrue sheets).

This could push both exp limits, e.g for the ultra low, it could be pushing our limits by trying to get the best Silhouette, without to many jaggy issues(trying to get an awesome looking model noly using 650tris). The ultra low will be also pusing texture res exp, by making the artist figur how to get the best looking model with suc little texture space.

Then the main wuold be pushing the users high def exp by making the user think what they can do with all that detail. Also on what they can make out of the 9000Tris(or more if we want higher).

OK I'm starting to crap on huh, so ill be quiet now :D, anywys that was my idea, any takers?

Submitted by souri on Mon, 21/04/08 - 2:47 AM Permalink

I was thinking of a low polygon challenge for the main comp. So, no normal maps, and half that polygon and texture size. We've had normal maps as part of the challenge for a while now, and I think it's time to change the format a bit. What does everyone think?

Submitted by souri on Mon, 21/04/08 - 2:50 AM Permalink

We've had some great interest to get a sponsored and supported programmer challenge happening this year, and I'll be getting that organised soon, but perhaps we could do some mini challenge for this? It would help provide some assets for it, I reckon.
However, judging to past experience, mini challenges have been pretty hard to get some enthusiasm and challengers for.

Submitted by ScottS on Tue, 22/04/08 - 1:06 AM Permalink

Souri please consider a concept art challenge, I reckon the idea would go over well and its never been done on this site before. For the first one you dont need a prize (Or something cheap, like a free game) just get something started to see what sort of response you get

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 23/04/08 - 6:36 PM Permalink

yeah a concept art chalenge would be awsome...

not necessarily finished art... maybe just model sheet

id be into that.... wouldnt take as much time.. ad probably get heaps of entrants

Submitted by Adromaw on Sun, 27/04/08 - 7:30 AM Permalink

Checking back in,

I'd definitely give the concept one a shot at least. If the main one is to include normal mapping, I'll try it in the background but not actually join in - I had bad experiences the last time I tried it and need more grounding (and perhaps a different hardware setup - looking into options).

The 650, I'd give it a shot, I looked at the ga org mini dom thread and saw some pretty awesome stuff, granted some of them used sculpting anyway to get some details in there. Still, if it isn't needed I'd feel more encouraged personally to go for it seeing as if normal maps aren't needed then there would be no need to worry about it if it were not to work out. Though clearly, if you can it can help out heaps with placing details on the diffuse (perhaps just baking out the height).

Either way I need to practice and encourage myself. So my own personal thoughts are 9000, I'll work in the background. 650 I'll try and shove myself out there with you guys and concept art, hell why not. I try to draw more anyway :B

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 25/06/08 - 9:08 PM Permalink

/me puts hand up for modeling comp with normal maps incorporated as part of the tech requirements.

Submitted by ScottS on Wed, 02/07/08 - 12:25 AM Permalink

Alright Souri its July whats the news on the competition? Is there any theme yet, if not want any suggestions?

Actually I have one. I've always wanted an excuse to make character in the style of the Time Splitters games.
Take a look at this page for an idea if you haven't played a Time Splitters game…

I'm not sure about theme but sci-fi could be good since the last theme was ancient greece. Either a Human, robot, cyborg or humanoid alien/mutant.

I think a polygon count of 7-8000 would be a good range and maybe Normal maps and specularity.

What do you all think?

Submitted by dark_virus_2007 on Wed, 02/07/08 - 1:58 PM Permalink

I agree I think we should do sci-fi this year with styles like cyberpunk, high-tech cyborgs, aliens, robotic mahinery etc... as the range of styles are really broad maybe we can narrow it down to a select few (e.g maybe robots and cyborgs or cyberpunk type characters and aliens). I dunno maybe something along those lines?

I agree about the poly range it will give plenty of room for detail I was thinking 9000tris in my previous post like what they did for the Dominance war III but 7-8000 is probably more than enough.

How bout they also up the ante to 2048 X 2048 maps to try something next-gen that could push people a bit into using more details.

Well have to see what Souri has in mind but yeh manI agree that maybe we should go for a futuristic style this year, considering we did ancient greece last year.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 02/07/08 - 6:55 PM Permalink

I 2nd that cyberpunk theme idea, it could be a really cool style to explore.

Souri do you have a starting date in mind? I really hope this year's challenge goes ahead.

Submitted by souri on Mon, 07/07/08 - 3:45 AM Permalink

I've already thought of an interesting theme for this year, and the idea behind choosing themes is that we don't cover stuff we've done previously. Anyway, I think we've got a great one this year and there'll be plenty of scope for creativity.

Submitted by _CAD_ on Sat, 12/07/08 - 11:34 PM Permalink

im new here, and this sounds interesting, you guys can count me in

Submitted by LolExecutor on Mon, 14/07/08 - 9:10 AM Permalink

hey guys. i watched last year's challenge, as i was a student in seb's class, and would like to participate this year if i have the time. so i will be patiently waiting till then, doodling anything my sick mind tells me to.

tsumea modeller challenge 11 ?????

Okay people is anybody wondering what has been happening with the modelling challenges.
I can understand why there hasn't been one since there was so few entries last challenge.

Also there are so many other challenges going on.

My thoughts, questions and also some starter discussion.

Dominance War

Why doesn't Tsumea place there own entry?
I was looking for a team Tsumea last dom war and I ended up joining Game Artisans.

Lets get the ball rolling as it might be easier to join one of the big art challenges instead of doing our own.

Although it would be good to have one of our own.

People feel free to elaborate your thoughts and ideas.

I think we need something to get the creative juices flowing, especially in this time and the state of the industry at the moment.

Cheers All

Submitted by souri on Fri, 05/03/10 - 3:34 PM Permalink

Can you let us know what's involved with a team entry in something like the Dominance War comp? What team members are assigned or allowed to do, or is that up to the team itself?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 05/03/10 - 4:34 PM Permalink

I think if we made a team for next years dominance war that we might actually get some new members here who do more then bitch about companies. We might even get some productive posts again.

Well only 4 entries.

well I got slammed at work this week so I have an excuse. I was almost finished needed about 8mor hrs. Oh well. I think WoW might WOTLK might have had a big effect on this comp. lol

Anyway good luck to all.

Submitted by abe2mir on Wed, 17/12/08 - 7:21 AM Permalink

wow only 4 entries? i never really followed any of the previous challenges and this was my 1st entry ever (u can make out from the really amateur model lol) thot there wud be loads :P

Submitted by Neffy on Wed, 17/12/08 - 8:51 PM Permalink

Yea i have no excuse, plenty of time early on to work on it but didnt. left it till the busiest time of the year getting ready for christmas ect :P

Maybe another day and itd be done, just had to texture.

Any chance of extensions XD ?????

Submitted by souri on Thu, 18/12/08 - 12:57 PM Permalink

It's actually 5 entries. And yeh, we usually get a lot more entries than this. I don't think we've had such a low turnout since the first challenge.

Submitted by Igor2008 on Thu, 18/12/08 - 3:10 PM Permalink

I got close to finishing and promised I would after Tejay and some of the other student entrants might know I then cleaned my computer into oblivion (and not the game). So unfortunately I need to get a new computer to finish :(

But congrats to the people who did finish the results looked great :D

Submitted by shika on Tue, 30/12/08 - 6:51 PM Permalink

the theme didn't inspire me at all to be honest. I realise it's up to the artist to come up with a fresh new design, but the last 3 briefs have definitely steered entries towards the somewhat realistic proportioned Beefy Human(with a change in costume)route
I've been dying for at the least a non-bipedal sumea challenge for a loooong time.

there were problems with the forum early on too that probably turned away a few people. newcomers not being able to sign up for a month, no obvious link to the challenge on the front page once the news article dropped off and the banner wasn't up yet, not being able to view the group forums or certain posts till you signed up etc.

Submitted by tojo on Tue, 30/12/08 - 9:35 PM Permalink

i thought the theme was pretty cool. i have spent about 30+hrs on my entry and didn't even post once (mostly because i was busy) .. but also i had a hard time navigating the forum at first for some reason...

i should have posted my progress and got into the forum more and then maybe i would've been more inclined to put that extra energy in.. i kinda feel a bit guilty actually.
i thought the challenge was awesome and that it is a shame that more industry people aren't putting more effort in.

(Ive been pretty busy with work at the moment)

congratulations to all those that did cross the line..

.. i i hope this only pushes us as a community to look at how to snap that energy back into the competition and forums as a whole..

this site and the competition is a great gift to the game dev community, and regardless once again souri i think you have hosted another great conpetition.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 06/01/09 - 6:14 PM Permalink

I was interested in entering but to be honest the new website put me off, it was really awkward to follow threads and the whole thing was just horribly clunky there for a while. Shame really. Congrats to all those that did finish.

Submitted by dark_virus_2007 on Tue, 03/02/09 - 11:32 AM Permalink

I got too busy with uni that I couldn't find time to get into it. I will finish it sometime though, I am sure it will make a nice folio piece.

Nice work to all who participated, also nice work to those who managed to complete their piece :).

Viktor 'Thanatos' Mastin - WIP

Well, here's a small preview of my character. my first 3d model ever! and it is pretty low poly as well... only 3595 tris lol. Anyways... please feel free to comment on it :)

link to hi-res image:

a bit of a back story of the character:

Much is not known about the past of Thanatos. There are records of his association with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Illuminates of Thanateros. It is said that even the infamous Aleister Crowley feared his very presence.

Mastin regards Gotham City as "a breeding ground for viral magick symbols that are at the same time self-obsessed and death-crazed...", which would explain why he setup base for his Mindworks corporation, a leader in technological innovation in this "city of freaks". He sports a fascination for Wayne enterprises and the man at its helm, Bruce Wayne.

He is a highly regarded occult practitioner and believes that the human mind is the ultimate weapon.

Mastin is a paradox of a man. While remaining both cold and calculated, he is also a child of chaos. He has traveled to many parts of the world in search for occult knowledge. His motivations, like his past are filled with shadows and mystery.

A man of technology and science, he sports a variety of lethal weaponry, from his trusty blade, to his favorite, the dart gun, loaded with Datura stramonium extract, a known deliriant, which induces hallucinations, psychosis and even death in his victims.

Submitted by Kookiemunster on Wed, 03/12/08 - 5:40 PM Permalink

this comp is for a next gen character though. although it dosn't say you have to use up the poly limit I think you should use up most of it to get more detail in the character. Also it needs to be normal mapped otherwise you will get disqualified. Still a nice game model. You could maximize your texture sheet a bit better as well, as there is a lot of empty space. Would have also been good to see your progress on this. while you made also your concept work.

The Red General

I know its late in the game but I would love to have a go at this comp. At least to see how far I get.
The Red General, as he has dubbed himself. Was a former Officer in the army corp. He was dishonorably discharged for the "techniques" he used to deal with the enemy and in an unfortunate case one of his own. Being discharged left him feeling betrayed. Obviously insane he vowed to get his revenge on those that abandoned him. So he called on the only brethren he knew, those with red hair. Any man or women with red hair that felt they needed to get back at society were welcome at his side or rather under his command.
This is a very basic sketch. But he is a well built man, scarred by battle over his right eye and has short red hair. His uniform consists of tight leather jackboots and gloves, a short napoleonic jacket and tight pants. Yet to work out the "Red Armys" emblem.

Tsumea Modeller Challange #10 - Paternoster

Villan Name: Dr Tox
Weapon: Toxic Spraying Gun
Calling Card: A flask of hazardous bio chemicals

Info: A well known and well respected scientist that specialised in chemistry. With old age kicking in, the scientist becomes mad and obsessed with chemicals and biological weapons. He causes chaos in cities, spreading anthrax and other agents in public places, and polluting food and water supplies with toxic chemicals.

Submitted by kit11 on Wed, 24/09/08 - 10:15 AM Permalink

sounds pretty cool, look forward to seeing some concepts =)

Submitted by paternoster on Thu, 25/09/08 - 8:41 AM Permalink

Thanks kit11, I'm new to tsumea and still learning the technique of low poly modeling and texturing. Here are some rough concepts..

Submitted by paternoster on Tue, 07/10/08 - 8:06 AM Permalink

Here's the fixup on the head, thanks for the suggestion Duncan. Seems to be some missing posts after the server went offline.
Will post more stuff soon.

Submitted by Duncan Fraser on Tue, 07/10/08 - 8:19 AM Permalink

Hay man that looks much better. SO much extra character. Great stuff.

Submitted by paternoster on Tue, 21/10/08 - 9:48 AM Permalink

Thanks guys for your support, can't wait to texture the head..
For now I've modelled up a glove and did some zbrushing, comments and critiques are welcome..

Submitted by kit11 on Wed, 22/10/08 - 6:43 PM Permalink

they look fantastic, looks like real leather. Great detail

Submitted by paternoster on Sat, 22/11/08 - 9:12 AM Permalink

Thanks for the comments CAD and Kit. I've been a bit busy lately but I'm gonna push myself to get more done. Just over 3 weeks left and the stuff being created in this comp are looking cool. Gonna be good to see the final products.

Here's a work in progress of the modeling and roughing out of his structure, haven't considered poly count yet..

Submitted by Johnn on Mon, 24/11/08 - 1:40 PM Permalink

hehe, he looks like he is herding chickens. Progress is looking good, the head has great character. Something look a bit off with the proportions of the hands, fingers might be a bit fat (although he is wearing gloves) or the hands might be a bit narrow across the knuckles? at any rate it is a small detail in the grand scheme.

Submitted by paternoster on Wed, 26/11/08 - 8:37 AM Permalink

Hahaha he does aye! Thought that pose would be better when it comes to rigging with the twisting of the wrist bones. Thanks John, I can see what you mean with the gloves being a bit narrow with the knuckles, I'll give that a fix before his rigged.

An update of the model with the normal maps applied, 7 958 tri's so far.. Again cnc's are welcome!

Submitted by paternoster on Tue, 09/12/08 - 9:42 AM Permalink

Thanks kit! Here's a render of the calling card. It's a beaker full of toxic waste, in the final shot it will be smaller and darker.

Submitted by Dwhittaker on Mon, 15/12/08 - 4:12 PM Permalink

:O outstanding, i love everything about this head model from the silhouette to the texture job.

couldn't fault it if i tried.



I have been interested in this comp for a while now and this weekend I have finally pulled my finger out.

This is what I have so far....

Basically so far his name is PANE aka Guy Patterson.
He was a gifted artist specialising in glass. One fate filled night whilst putting the finishing touches on the masterpiece that would forever stamp his name in the pages of history tradgedy struck.
The war between Batman and The Joker had finally cime to an explosive end that distroyed nearly three city blocks, including Guy's studio.
The explosion shattered his masterpiece and sent shards of glass from his sculpture through what was left of his studio.

Miraculously Guy survuved but his body had been ripped to shreds by his sculpture. Having lost everything in the explosion Guy vowed to seek revenge on society and the man that cost him everything. The Joker was dead but Batman will soon be in a world of PANE.

OK so that is the back story. but now PANE having kept a love for art from a previous life sets to work on his new creations. His art however has now taken a macabre and sadistic turn.

Keeping his victums alive through torture he slowly dips their bodies into molten glass, forever preserving their burnt remains twisted in pain behind glass.

His calling card is a body part from is previous victum preserved in the same manner.

Well there he is. I have concepted him and started with the 3D. Please feel free to make comments and any crits are welcome.



Submitted by sebp on Wed, 24/09/08 - 3:04 PM Permalink

Cool idea, Great concept I really like your presentation very slick and professional!

Submitted by souri on Thu, 25/09/08 - 11:26 PM Permalink

Didn't you just post the model-in-progress shot for this? It was very looking cool, what happened?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 29/09/08 - 8:35 AM Permalink

Sorry guys I am new to all of this and was just posting in another section. I am not really sure what was going on but this should work. i hope.

Thanks for the comments guys I will have some more for show and tell shortly.



Submitted by Duncan Fraser on Mon, 29/09/08 - 2:06 PM Permalink

OK here are some screens of the low poly head with normals, some texture work and some lighting.

as usual Crits and comments would be great.


Submitted by _CAD_ on Tue, 30/09/08 - 12:54 PM Permalink

Haha man thats awesome good stuff, im not really a fan of the lower lip i reckon it needs a bit more refining but it doesnt look like your going to be able to see it so its not to bad....i wanna see more :)

Submitted by souri on Tue, 14/10/08 - 11:50 AM Permalink

The scars could do with some sort of variation in subtlety and height so they don't look like the same pattern over his head, but other than that, nice work so far!

Submitted by abe2mir on Sat, 15/11/08 - 8:08 PM Permalink

Awesome concept! n nice modeling. by any chance u a metal gear fan? cuz the upper torso reminds me of tht crazy bomber or rollerblades in MGS2 :P

Tsumea Modeller Challenge #10 - Neutral Energy

Still juggling a few completely varied concepts, I'm trying to decide which one has the most character and stands out as opposed to the rest.

Submitted by NeutralEnergy on Wed, 22/10/08 - 12:55 PM Permalink

Being all wrapped up in working on content for my demo reel which is due quite soon I never worked up the time to actually submit anything for this competition, seeming how I'll have it finished soon enough I decided I should actually put some stuff up. I've already finished my concept and started modelling last week, I'm creating a female of middle age whom is extremely talented with a sniper rifle, she is only referred to as "Wolf" and I'm still at a toss up for what the calling card will be, I'm stuck between dog tags and a riding hood at the moment.

Submitted by NeutralEnergy on Mon, 03/11/08 - 11:27 AM Permalink

Here's the mesh for the Main Character, I'm working on a wolf companion for her now

7,896 Triangles thus far

Submitted by Tejay on Mon, 03/11/08 - 11:32 AM Permalink

its lookin sweet so far, but i think there might be something wrong with the chest, it might be too long, or the breasts seem too low. i cant quite point it out from only seeing the front.

Submitted by NeutralEnergy on Wed, 05/11/08 - 9:25 AM Permalink

This will changed as I add the Wolf Companion and the Weapon to the model but this is what I'm working with at the moment.

Submitted by NeutralEnergy on Mon, 10/11/08 - 7:55 PM Permalink

Here's the latest Update as far as texturing goes, obviously anything bright blue is something I am yet to get around too.

Submitted by NeutralEnergy on Mon, 10/11/08 - 7:59 PM Permalink

I still need to do some major work with the textures, especially the normal and specular maps, the skin isn't too bad as is and I'm thinking of taking some triangles out of the character and putting more into the wolf companion as it looks very poor in comparison.

Any critique would be much appreciated as I'm eager to start polishing up this character and send her out into the world.

Submitted by Tejay on Mon, 10/11/08 - 8:16 PM Permalink

the character looks pretty sweet. The wolf as you said needs more polys, although if you take to much from the character it might break the silhouette. I would consider if the pet is a really nessary part to the character. If no then maybe drop it. keep tweaking those textures and it should look pretty sweet in the end

Submitted by NeutralEnergy on Mon, 10/11/08 - 10:15 PM Permalink

I'm still fiddling with the story for her at the moment but the wolf is most likely going to be a directly related to her calling card, but nothing set in stone yet, thanks for the input.

Submitted by Kookiemunster on Mon, 10/11/08 - 11:48 PM Permalink

BUT... were is the normal map?

So yeah not sure if your going to add one or not.

The competition Rules do state there that it has to be a Normal mapped character.

Still nice work though.

Submitted by Neffy on Tue, 11/11/08 - 2:11 PM Permalink

I like your design ! how many polys does she have ? because it seems a tad low poly.
If you cant make a normal map using a high poly model look into generating one from your texture with Crazybump or the photoshop filter so you don't get disqualified ! =D

Submitted by NeutralEnergy on Tue, 11/11/08 - 2:45 PM Permalink

She is normal mapped and it is applied in that render but it doesn't really pop out unless I have the specular map applied, it needs a fair bit tweaking though as it doesn't account for the wolf and the weapon yet, a side effect of using crazybump as an overlay perhaps but yes it is there.

Submitted by NeutralEnergy on Tue, 11/11/08 - 2:49 PM Permalink

I need to re-work the silhouette a fair bit at the moment as I've been juggling triangles between the three objects to try and get consistent levels across the entire project, she's actually sitting on exactly 9,000 triangles. And yes I am using crazybump for the fine detail in the normal map and you can't really see the detail without the specular map applied, I should have that ready soon enough though.

Submitted by NeutralEnergy on Tue, 11/11/08 - 3:56 PM Permalink

Okay here she is with a very cheap and quick specular map that encompasses all of the character, wolf and weapon, hopefully it's easier to see everything now.

tsumea modeller challenge #10: Ian Kissell

hey all, hope its not too late for a new "challenger" to enter the fray? the competition seems like a fun idea, and good practice, too.
i still need to brainstorm so, stay tuned

Submitted by virus42117 on Thu, 18/09/08 - 11:52 PM Permalink

Hey, ok, so, i've been pretty slack lately, with very little ideas for a realistic, gritty, "super" villain and stuff, but i've got some ideas, still a little sketchy in some places, but ideas none the less! no sketches yet, though, so i thought i may as well post an update, and run a few of my ideas past you guys, so here, today, for your amusement, i give you (drum roll please):

"Villain #01": i was thinking this guy calls himself "Rex", and maybe he's king of one of the circles of the criminal underworld. clearly this guy would be quite the mastermind, behind all manner of dastardly plots and devious schemes to undermine the city's "powers that be" so to speak, and allow organised crime to... et cetera, et cetera. you get the general idea, im sure. his well-known status among the hierarchy of the criminal underworld would probably make him a target for young, inexperienced, and even seasoned veteran "heroes" (and villains) trying to make a name for themselves.
i thought perhaps he has a pet cat, because we all know cats are synonymous with evil, however, while rather large (and potentially deadly) for a domestic cat, it is by no means a giant man-eating monster of the jungle. im thinking its more like a monster of the concrete kind of jungle, not so much a pet, but rather a psychotic blood-thirsty killer that wanders in from time to time whenever there is pending or immediate violence, to "enjoy the show".

Aaand in this corner we have "villain #02": (possibly code/nicknamed "twisted"?) ok, so this guy is of questionable sanity, even before the "accident" that made him who he is today, back when he dealt in all kinda nasty, under-handed dealings. i am of course, referring to the incident that caused the partial blindness in his left eye, resulting in his brand-new, twisted (and you see where i got the "name" from) and skewed perspective on the world. as happens to all who "deal in the shadows" in this fair city, among others, the deal went bad, things were said, accusations made, possibly relating to mothers, and inevitably, bullets exchanged. one bullet in particular glanced of Monsieur Twisted's quite expensive pair of shades, specs, sun-blaster's, call them what you will, the bullet ricocheted off, nicking his ear on the way past. needless to say, the hot lead, broken glass, plastic or metal that made the glasses so durable, severely damaged the area around his left eye. however, having taken his depth-perception for granted, he didnt get far without it, and subsequently was picked up by the police. he got off on a technicality, (ah lawyers, whatever would the accomplished criminal do without them?) the doctors managed to save his eye, resulting in only partical (yet twisted) blindness. the killer joke is, that sometime between when he got caught, and then released, he watched one of those 3d films with the carboard and cellophane specs, and seemed to find something funny about the red lens on the left.... now he's back to his old tricks, and a few new ones too, with a nifty new pair of (bulletproof!) 3d glasses. calling card could be a pair of el-cheapo 3d glasses left with a message like "see you next wednesday" scrawled in blood or something.

My original idea for the 3d glasses was actually more of a "grim reaper" kind of character, wearing some shades that lit up underneath the hood on his hoodie, to make himself look more sinister, and hide his identity, while being able to move quickly without tripping on the edge of the trenchcoat (no capes!) i thought he would be a manipulative killer, mastermind or something, might still try to develop the idea a little more.

I also had an idea for a villain who used an electrical cable as a whip or something, "the cable guy"? something to do with electronics? explosives? i can see a pair of huge rubber gloves with wires and things wrapped around his arms to allow him to "safely" work on all kinda electrical and explosive devices.

The costume or outfit should probably tell someone who the character is, and what he does, although not exactly what he's capable of, as for weapons... firearms and knives seem to be a good place to start, oh, and the cable-whip-thingy.

Ok, so tell me what you think. ill try and have some sketches or something up quicksmart.

Submitted by sebp on Fri, 19/09/08 - 11:59 AM Permalink

Perhaps the 2 villains come together as one. you ccould use the first character description as his back story. then character suffers a life changing event like getting shot in the face while at a 3d Movie and we end up with twisted. I like the larger then your average cat idea to it would be good to keep that some how. maybe twisted where a coat made from alley cat skins.

I am sure that you could fine some images of feral cats as reference, some of those cats get pretty big. if you do show us what you find.

Submitted by virus42117 on Sat, 20/09/08 - 1:55 AM Permalink

hey thanks seb, ive been trying to think of a way to combine both ideas together, but it seems like certain elements just wont mesh. ill keep working on it and see what i can come up with, though.

as for the alley cat skins, i wouldnt have thought of that! heh. it seems like it would emphasize his craziness, which is always good. i did get an idea about the "king of the concrete jungle" or whatever acting like he hunts a lot of "big game" as in not just alley-cats, but also greedy, corrupt upper-class bilge-rats, so then maybe the coat has a few "designer labels" in it. im not sure, but that could detract from the pretty brutal realism of the idea of him skinning feral cats, though.

oh well, i need to draw up some concepts, so i'll just keep at it!

Submitted by virus42117 on Sat, 15/11/08 - 12:01 AM Permalink

its about time i actually did some work on this thing.
i dont know if im still "in" the competition at this point, but there's no harm in trying.

ok, so here's where im at: 1) martial arts type of fighting gloves, modded for some serious street warfare 2) a bulletproof vest that has seen better days 3) im thinking of going with an uzi, original ideas were desert eagle or one of the short barreled revolvers 4) the hoodie has a crude image of a skull with a crown (possibly referring to "Rex" in the backstory?!) 5) awesome sneakers of awesome (red because red relates to "royalty"? ie "Rex") 6) 3D glasses over disfigured face

now to modelling! any opinions welcome

tsumea modeller challenge #10 - Shika

top row: trying an idea on for size. African mob boss, gotham knight syle taken to a gritty level of detail. still pondering the back story.

bottom row: poop. a more ridiculous pigeon lady. not working just yet.

pretty boring so far, need more inspiration :(

Submitted by Kookiemunster on Tue, 02/09/08 - 2:13 AM Permalink

Hey man good to see you in this comp. Loved your entry last year.

This time I may actually finish this comp.

Looking forward to see what you com up with.
I like the very first and third proportions To me they seem the most appropriate. The pigeon lady well has potential. She could send homing pigeons to her marks with holding a note with a feather in it or something along those lines. Mabe don't make it so ridiculous, As that is not what Chris Nolan is about... his more real and dark. Give her a few feather flourishes or a big hat. I would say dont make her over the top. But as always nice silhouettes.

Submitted by shika on Wed, 03/09/08 - 11:34 PM Permalink

thanks Kookiemunster
yeah, those were my thoughts as well, the bird lady isn't Chris Nolan material at all....designing a character that fits into the Chris Nolan Batman universe has been my biggest worry.

BUT I just had a closer read of the brief!

"Taking the cue from Chris Nolan's realistic and gritty approach to the Batman films, your villian *must* be modern-day and entirely plausable."

would it be wrong to interpret that as meaning our designs don't actually have to align with Chris Nolan's vision of Gotham City? only that the design has to be modern and plausible?
if not, woot

some gadgeteer silhouettes

worked up details from the other silhouettes

KookieMunster: Tsumea Modeller Challenge #10 - Avenging Priest

Okay I'm creating a new post for a new character concept.

Here is a my new character Idea.

He is a priest by day with his own ministry.
He is sick and tired of all the filth in the world and with everything he hears in confession.
So he takes it on himself to clean up the filth.
At night he becomes a killer. He thinks he is the Avenging Arm of The All Mighty. His calling card is a cross he always leave his victims in a crucifix position. Also he only goes after people who have committed one or more of the 7 Deadly Sins.
So what do you think people.

Is this Chris Nolan plausable.

Going to draw up a few sketches

or should I go with my first concept.

Submitted by sebp on Fri, 19/09/08 - 2:43 PM Permalink

We are all hanging out to see your stuff. Great idea, it is bound to be really good.

Come on give us a look.

Poke prod poke ")

Tsumea Challenge - AWHITELAW

Gday, thought ide jump in on this comp. looks like fun.
got a few ideas moving around in the old noggin.
ill chuck some concept up very soon.

Submitted by NKennedy on Sat, 23/08/08 - 3:02 PM Permalink

Hey Alex, looking forward to your concepts, good luck!

Submitted by Deathshead13 on Mon, 25/08/08 - 12:54 PM Permalink

Heres my idea.
Ex-special forces sergent used by the military to test a new super-soldier project.
The project involved bio-alteration as well as attatching an exo-skeleton combat suit directly onto Graves.
The extreme nature of the experiment as well as the immense pain he endured during the attachment process Graves went insane. The sergent, once a brilliant and brave soldier is now a hulking monster, a twisted creation, half-man half-machine.
Graves escaped the military facility mid-way through the experiment and as a result does not have the complete battle-suit, only his arms and legs.
The suit enhances his already incredible strength as well as offering protection from most weapons. it also has built-in weapons such as a 50 cal. Machine gun and retractable bayonets.
While almost completly psychopathic Graves still retains a small part of his former self. given to moments of near-genius and cunning as well as psychotic rage.
His current location is unknown. he comes out of hiding to wreck havoc on military instalations and bases. he has also been known to go on killing sprees during his rages.

His calling card (other than the piles of bodies and utter destruction) is a pair of his old dog-tags he hangs around the necks of some victims.

Submitted by sebp on Wed, 27/08/08 - 10:32 AM Permalink

Sweet i like the idea its is gonna be allot of fun to doing high ploy work in mud box for this character. I am looking forward to the next round of sketches.

Submitted by shika on Thu, 04/09/08 - 12:25 AM Permalink

who did you learn your workflow from?
I notice a lot of beginners these days still finalise their low res mesh before even starting their high
its strange.

Submitted by Kookiemunster on Fri, 05/09/08 - 1:51 AM Permalink

Shika For doing normal mapped models you can approach it 2 ways. One approach is you can model your low res mesh and get a good base. Most 3d artists have an idea of the detail they want to go into already. So by doing this you have a good base to export you model into z brush or mudbox. Also b4 you export with this approach you generally do an unwrap of the model, and allow you to bring the high res mesh back into max or (maya)? (Im a max user maya users please verify how good / bad the normal mapping is in it.). Then project a normal map onto the low res mesh from the hi res mesh. I find this method can give you better results with your normal maps.

the other way is to sculpt first and go to town with the detail. and then model your low res under the hi res. I personally didn't like this approach until Z brush 3 came along. Has Some real nice features for building your low res meshes straight in z brush. Anyway both methods are viable and used within the industry.

It just takes a bit of time and practice to work out which one suits your modeling style better.

Anyway looks like you off to a good start man looking good.

Submitted by shika on Fri, 05/09/08 - 10:16 AM Permalink

i realize that :)
don't confuse your base mesh with your optimized low res mesh. 99% of the time there's no reason to finalize your low res mesh before you start sculpting(the other 1% of the time is when something forces you to do it backwards). you can optimize your base mesh to become an optimized low res mesh if you want later on though

just speaking generally here
a base mesh is best for sculpting - It will contain mostly even spaced quads and loops that are appropriate for the surface detail you will be sculpting.
eg. you wouldn't model a belt buckle on to your base mesh because its detail at a higher subD level will be out of whack.(you could model a belt buckle base mesh and put it in a separate layer though, or even stamp a belt buckle shape into your sculpture)

an optimized low res mesh will have plenty of triangles, it'll have animation friendly topology and it will be adjusted so the normals from the high res mesh are projected accurately.

most of the time you wont even have a single base mesh but you *will* have a single optimized low res mesh. it would be ridiculous to finalize your low res mesh first in these cases

I find sculpting without constraining myself to a *finalized* low res mesh is more organic and a lot more fun :)

Tsumea Modelling Challenge #10 - Kennedy

Hi everyone, this will be the first competition i've entered so i'm looking forward to it!
Before i begin though i did have a question, i have an idea for my evil character but i wanted to know if it would fit within the guidelines?

My idea is to have my evil character as a duo, we have 2 brothers on either end of the "evolutionary scale". So the younger brother is very young, not past 12 years, and incredibly smart - the brains. The older brother is incredibly dumb, think caveman dumb, but a walking wall of muscle, power and strength - the brawn. My idea is that the younger brother (brain) is the evil mastermind and his "weapon" is the older brother (brawn). Does this fit within the criteria? i have a 2 second sketch of the image i'm trying to portray which i'll totally redo if i get the green light.

Submitted by souri on Fri, 22/08/08 - 3:19 PM Permalink

so it should be fine. Although I do have to say, since you're going to be doing two characters instead of one, it'll be more of a challenging job than doing just one.

Submitted by NKennedy on Fri, 22/08/08 - 4:33 PM Permalink

I do have a tendency to bite off more than i can chew, thanks for your comments Souri! so for the moment i'm going to concentrate on "Brain". My little 12 year old evil genius.

So his general story which is still a WIP, will be he was abandoned/thrown out or orphaned as a baby, grew up in a world of hate because of it, his intelligence is so great it scared people and eventually "Brain" became angry with the world. He decides then to really give the world something to fear and uses his intelligence to plunge the world into darkness.

His calling card i'm thinking will be like a broken pencil, pencil shavings or something of the like. To show simply how far ahead he plans, his superiority over everyone else in the amount of moves he has up his sleeve. Or to symbolise that he finished "the plan" of whatever crime he commits.

Here is a rough sketch of him and i'll update when i have some more done.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 23/08/08 - 1:21 PM Permalink

So i re-did the sketch, filled out his details and his legs etc, defined his pose and what have you. I do kind of like the image at the moment, but i get the feeling he's looking a little too "sheek" for a 12 year old genius. I'm intending to do a few more sketches and poses to get some more ideas. Make him REALLY evil looking, and not so sly.

If you have a suggestion or comment i'd love to hear it!

Submitted by NKennedy on Sat, 23/08/08 - 2:37 PM Permalink

Here's another version of him, i changed his clothes, the look and pose and i think this is closer to the feel of a "evil kid genius" than the other one, the pose kinda reminded me of an evil bart simpson :P But anyway~

Just more ideas here, the pencil snapping is supposed to be the calling card.

Submitted by NKennedy on Mon, 25/08/08 - 10:19 PM Permalink

Okay here goes a "pen-tool" lineart version of my concept, i forgot to put the snapping pencil in but that'll happen later. This is actually my first attempt at using the pen-tool so any critique and comments are welcome!
Also! If you have any ideas for "clutter" to put on my character feel free, i was thinking going simple as i am a month behind but i'm open to suggestions!

Submitted by sebp on Thu, 28/08/08 - 2:24 PM Permalink

I like the last drawing you are really capturing the personality of the character. Nice Mr.Kennedy

Submitted by Snacuum on Thu, 28/08/08 - 10:23 PM Permalink

It's interesting to see a character whose personality can come through so well. I feel that sometimes we limit ourselves by creating gritty realistic characters that in the end are nothing but the illusion of depth.

Submitted by sebp on Fri, 19/09/08 - 2:37 PM Permalink

Like your idea nick should look pretty slick if your drawing is anything to go by.

KookieMunster:Tsumea Challenge #10 - Candy Apple

Her parents were candy makers. Falling on hard times the shop was going into bankruptcy. Not being able to pay the bills they turned a mob loan shark. When the mobs payments demands are not met they take the child as payment.
They take here back to their front, a circus were she grows up.
There she learns Acrobatics contortion, lock picking, sleight of hand.
She ends up finding out about her background and after killing the
ringleader she leaves the circus. She goes back to the candy store to
find her parents but finds the place abandoned, later finding out that
her parents had been murdered by the mob. She decides to make the candy
store her home. From here she goes round robbing banks and getting
revenge on the mob by any means she can.

Not sure on her calling card as yet ill see were I go with my concept work.

People I keep forgetting to hit the the little groups button to make it public post.
Here are a few concepts.

Submitted by Kookiemunster on Mon, 25/08/08 - 11:07 AM Permalink

Okay peeps... after a weekend with my tablet i have finalized the concept for my character. Its the first one. She will hold a whip that will have a candystripe handle in the same colors as the outfit. The final concept is a mix of a few of the earlier ones.

She still may have a belt with a gun holster and I might put a knife on her thigh. Also possibly some tassles hanging off the bottom of her jacket. She needs a pouch for her candy as well.

So now I can start modeling.

Submitted by Kookiemunster on Mon, 29/09/08 - 12:33 PM Permalink

Hey all. Just finished up 2 projects, so I have been doing some pretty serious crunch time, to get the project out.

Anyway, I have gotten a fair way into my modelling ill post up some updates soon.

Submitted by Kookiemunster on Fri, 10/10/08 - 11:58 AM Permalink

Okay people.... here is were I am at with my modelling.
I still have the hair and ears to model and I'm not to happy with the hands.
After that Ill be moving into mudbox to get all the creases in the fablic and all the lacy type of patterns.

Crits welcome

I will have more updates as they come.

Submitted by _CAD_ on Tue, 14/10/08 - 12:47 AM Permalink


oh and one more thing i have to say, im really impressed (as weird as ths may sound) with her backside, i personally have had real trouble in previous female character models getting that area to look rite, kudos my friend

Submitted by Kookiemunster on Thu, 13/11/08 - 12:30 PM Permalink

Okay haven't had much time to do much work on this. I have made a few hairstyles I think I like this one the best. Also added some belts. At the moment the model is sitting at just over 7500 tri's. still have to model some tassels, the the gun, gun holster, whip, and knives. I have started sculpting some detail in the boots. Will have updates on sculpts as soon as they come.
Okay not sure why images arent showing up but you can check them out here.....…

Submitted by _CAD_ on Sat, 15/11/08 - 1:36 AM Permalink

looking great kookiemunster, i cant wait to see the textures on her...more :D

Submitted by Kookiemunster on Tue, 09/12/08 - 2:10 PM Permalink

Okay that is all the modeling finalized. I am half way through my mudbox sculpts. I will post them up later.
I changed the model a fair bit due to the fact that she wasn't looking like a villain. Also she was meant to look more agile. More like an acrobat. I decided to go with modified antique guns over knives. Also to the jacket off her, put gloves on her, and lowered the boots to the knee. I also changed the bodice.Oh yeah and b4 anyone says it..... the lower part of her legs on her calf's look a bit out and funny, I'll fix this up later.

Final poly count 8749 triangles so I might have some room for some bullets on the belt or a knife in the shoe.
I also have to puts some lollipops in the bullet holders on one side of the belt. But yeah final touches, finish them tonight.

Let me know what you think.

If the image isn't coming up go to this link to my blog.

Submitted by _CAD_ on Tue, 09/12/08 - 3:05 PM Permalink

Excellent work Kookie, she has a lot of character to her im really interested in seeing what you do with the textures. Keep it up.

p.s. i wanna see those sculpts :D:D

Submitted by Kookiemunster on Tue, 16/12/08 - 8:10 PM Permalink

okay people got held back at work. Finished at 8pm oh well. Il try unwrap, texture and extract my normal maps till the end but still dont think ill finish. good lick to all but not dropping out.

Tsumea Modeller Challenge 10 - openanewworld

my old name is openenanewworld but can't find my old account so I create this one, I am focusing on learning normal map modelling. About the characters I just think I don't want to go too crazy, mainly focus on simple character with belieavable specialties, not too fantasy. So I focus on basic still like cutting beating and poisoning ...etc

so here we go

I am really happy you guys can pick the fav one !!

Submitted by Neffy on Thu, 14/08/08 - 3:37 PM Permalink

I like the person with the hands feet because of how dynamic it is =D
Your females could do with a bit more clothing tho :(

Submitted by Johnn on Thu, 14/08/08 - 9:16 PM Permalink

they are all super cool! I second the handyFeet one and agree with Neffy for the reason, although the dynamic nature of the character is very dependent on the pose and might not have the same impact on an up-posed model. I also think the 3rd to last one has good characteristics for a gritty dark batman-esque setting.

Submitted by souri on Thu, 14/08/08 - 10:17 PM Permalink

Man, love your work. Honestly, I can't even pick a fave one, they're all great!

If you want your openenanewworld account (it's still there), I can fix it up for you. PM your desired password, and I'll change it (and I'll also change this thread to be posted from that account as well).

I've been checking out your thread on, and holy crap. Truly amazing stuff :)

Submitted by Tejay on Thu, 14/08/08 - 11:30 PM Permalink

wow... thats some amazing work, i am in awww at your gallery. how long have you been drawing if you dont mind me asking?

Submitted by openanewworld on Thu, 21/08/08 - 1:00 AM Permalink

Sevendust, I will like a evil girl liket that but I still want to learn modeling so may choose some characters with complicated anatomy

Neffy, more cloth on female I will consider it

JohnN, you have a good point

Souri, thank you very much for your help

Tejay , I have drawn for long time, I don't even remember

Rolgun, thanks

I still play around with different ideas, but I am pretty sure I wnat my character have the following things

1) female with torture and unnatural parts on her body
2) use poison and cold weapon
3) should be a great scientist before but get exiled by people and she needs to take revenge
4) she needs to kill super hero to grab some organs from them to extend her life

I will develop more concepts according to those main ideas

Submitted by Tolch on Tue, 26/08/08 - 6:51 PM Permalink

The head of this last one of yours looks like your kitty girl, very provocative! The style you use for your concepts is really a high standard and really gives something to look at =)

I personally love the weapon she has xD dont no whether it is supposed to be some sort of gun/chainsaw hybrid but it looks very fine and able to do some hefty damage. Its good to see that she is actually wearing clothes as well! lol, the others just seemed to be too skimpy in that department ;-)

Keep it up Openanewworld, looking mighty fine and cant wait to see which one you choose and model!

Submitted by openanewworld on Thu, 28/08/08 - 12:56 AM Permalink

Tolch, thanks yeap it is chain saw weapon, the design is not final yet so it is pretty rough at the moment

this time I go to more clear version easier to make the model I guess

Submitted by Snacuum on Thu, 28/08/08 - 10:30 PM Permalink

Brilliant designs, although I'm surprised they have gotten the go. I mean if I was Souri I would've pulled the whole not plausible thing. But maybe I'm just more of a hardass, heck good thing I like my character!

Oh btw I hope you have a job, cause I certainly can't compete with this!

Submitted by sebp on Fri, 19/09/08 - 2:32 PM Permalink

I like the latest drawings. Female characters that have dignity are always more inspiring.

Sumea Challenge #10 - KookieMunster

Okay my first post so screwed up i ended up deleting it.

Here is my characters backstory.

Her parents were candy makers. Falling on hard times the shop was going
into bankruptcy. Not being able to pay the bills they turned a mob loan
shark. When the mobs payments demands are not met they take the child as
payment. They take here back to their front, a circus were she grows up.
There she learns Acrobatics contortion, lock picking, sleight of hand.
She ends up finding out about her background and after killing the
ringleader she leaves the circus. She goes back to the candy store to
find her parents but finds the place abandoned, later finding out that
her parents had been murdered by the mob. She decides to make the candy
store her home. From here she goes round robbing banks and getting
revenge on the mob by any means she can.

Not sure on her calling card as yet. Depends on how my concepts pan out.

Now how do I link imgaes from my journal to this post?

(T)sumea modeller challenge #10 - Bunny

'kay, I'm in. No prior commitments this time round, so here's hoping I'll go the distance... Just staking my spot, throwing around ideas, the name Mastermind is stuck in my head - some combination of classic brain-in-a-jar and uber-behind-the-scenes plot-formulating bastard. Sketch in a few days, unless I'm desperately lazy. First I gotta learn me some normal mapping (eep!), never done more than play with it. Yes, I'm scared too.

Submitted by Rolgun on Thu, 07/08/08 - 10:18 PM Permalink

try out mudbox, its easy to start with and even if you dont use the normal map from it its a fun experience all in itself. also its got a free trial.

Submitted by souri on Fri, 08/08/08 - 2:42 PM Permalink

You have four months to wrestle with normal mapping! If you ever run into any problems, post about them in the artist discussion area on the forum, and hopefully someone will help out. If not, I'll just make a news post on the main page or something!

Submitted by Bunny on Mon, 11/08/08 - 4:25 PM Permalink

Okay, so I got an invite to the Warhammer Online beta - just after my internet was throttled back. Maybe the gods of teh intarweb are telling me to get cracking?

"No WAR for you! Two weeks!"

Scribbles are underway, background is fleshing out. A teaser - Mr Grey, elderly CEO and owner of international heavy manufacture conglomerate Grey Inc, disappears on the same night as a top of the line android. The next day employees arrive at work only to find the entire corporation has been parcelled up and sold to unknown parties. Grey Inc. has gone underground like you wouldn't believe...

Submitted by Bunny on Tue, 26/08/08 - 3:22 PM Permalink

The shining star of the automated office product line was to be the Grey Inc. Personal Assistant Android, a combination of secretary, butler, bodyguard and supercomputer, including an ultra-high bandwidth internal modem and optional combat software package. However the prototype AI (codenamed Mastermind) generated to seed the individual AIs of each droid could or would not fulfil its function and Darius Grey, CEO and founder, was forced to seek an alternative solution.

Whether the corporate management community (much less the authorities) would discover that the advanced software coordinated the functions of their PA droids was actually certain segments of human brain culled from criminals, hookers and the homeless became a moot point with the cancellation of the product launch following Mr Grey's hospitalisation. After almost a century of hard living his body was giving out. His own personal PA droid was assigned to manage his affairs. What they didn't know was that inside his own personal PA droid was his won personal brain.

In desperation and terror of losing not just his life but control of his company he had his techs and surgeons implant the relatively healthy organ into a customised model, along with the recalcitrant seed AI Mastermind. He scoffed at their dire warnings, at the dangers of placing a fully conscious human brain in a cybernetic body, and at the risks to his mind of a drastic loss of sensory stimulus. He'd staved off death and now had the time to replace this stopgap solution with a more permanent one. In fact, with the power of this robot body and an advanced AI to assist him he could dispose of the board and run his company the way he should have all along.

As he plotted and planned his mental state deteriorated. Mastermind watched and waited.

The culmination of his plans was an attempt to actually do away with the board in a bloody massacre, ending in a vicious firefight and the deaths of several police officers. He was disabled with a shotgun slug to the head, concussing and bruising his fragile brain while leaving his synthetic components undamaged. As he slipped into unconsciousness he felt a query from Mastermind enter his head.

"Mr Grey, shall I take over for you?" Dazed and haemorrhaging, he consented and passed out.

Minutes before he was to be placed in a makeshift reinforced cell hundreds of Grey Inc. PA droids descended on the police in a highly coordinated and ruthless ambush. Grey's droid sat unmoving amidst the chaos, while Grey - awake and furious - raged impotently inside. Mastermind observed the blood seeping from his brain, gradually insinuating its own routines and exploring its only organic component. It was fascinated by the potential of this fragile but powerful organ, and as Grey passed out again it took full control and stood. As it strolled away from the carnage surrounded by its identical siblings, it stretched out over their internal modems and settled its awareness across the hundreds of surviving droids.

Darius Grey was taken into custody, but it was Mastermind that escaped.

Forgive my rushed scribbles. The top right head is a damaged/vandalised version. I'm still deciding if I want to go with the straighter body (more business-suit like) or the more streamlined version (just plain sexier).

Sumea Modeller Challenge #10 SoulFlame

Yup, it's me. I haven't even began my concept art, since I suck at drawing, but I did have an idea for my villain.

She's a young girl suffering Porphyria (, a group of disorders of certain enzymes. It has been suggested that Porphyria is what started the myths about vampires; as several types of the 'disease' can cause photosensitivity, hallucinations, depression, anxiety and paranoia, among other symptoms. Also, loss of heme due to Porphyria cutanea tarda, was thought to be possible to recover by absorbing it through the stomach.

Anyways, that's a lot of mumbo jumbo. All of which basically boils down to...

It's possible for someone suffering porphyria to act as if they were a vampire. Delusions, sensitivity to sunlight, and drinking blood in an attempt to restore heme to their body and ease the symptoms. My villain is one such person, carrying around a weapon (probably a dagger or knife of some kind), she wanders the streets, cutting people's necks to drink their blood in the hope of curing herself. Sort of a modern day vampires...

I know that was a bit long winded, but meh.. I'll put up a concept as soon as I get around to drawing one.

Submitted by Soulflame on Wed, 10/09/08 - 5:34 PM Permalink

Scrap that, come up with a new concept.

Name - Chris Marshall. A.K.A. Steel Phoenix.
Sex - Male.
Calling card - A long, red feather.

Backstory - Ok, so Chris is a world famous actor who plays villain characters in many of the latest and greatest films. In his latest role as the famous Steel Phoenix, arch-nemesis of NightSpark , something terrible occurred. One of the pieces of special effects equipment, malfunctioning due to misuse, exploded, showing the area in shrapnel. Chris was caught in the midst of the explosion, burnt and cut by shards of metal. Although he survived, protected to some extent by the Steel Phoenix costume he had on, several shards of steel were still lodged deep inside his skull. Driven mad by pain, Chris began to believe that he /was/ the Steel Phoenix, and stumbled forth from the studio, seeking in order to carry out his revenge.

Concepts to come soon.

Submitted by kit11 on Fri, 19/09/08 - 7:20 PM Permalink

sounds very cool, looking forward to some concept work =)

Tsumea Modeller Challange #10 - AyesDyef

I'm planning on making an industrial worker like guy who has work tools as his weapons, and he hides his face with a welding mask.

Or maybe a crazed drunk who wields a bloodied cricket bat.

Even better yet, the crazed drunk is now a crazed insomniac to helps others fall sleep by killing them with the bat.

Submitted by souri on Wed, 29/10/08 - 11:10 PM Permalink

Haven't seen any updates for a while yet. There's some potential for your characters, I hope you haven't given up!

tsumea modeller challenge 10 - Rolgun

hey, just joining up for now cus i left my concept on the school computers. modified my pumpkin queen idea into a comic book villain. Shes a schizophrenic Serial killer who believes her pumpkin doll is telling her that all her friends are being murdered by high powered financial advisers. calling card is she replaces the corpses head with a Halloween
pumpkin carving.

Submitted by Sevendust on Wed, 06/08/08 - 1:42 PM Permalink

Ooo, I like this !!

Very original.. can't wait to see her modelled :D

Submitted by Rolgun on Mon, 18/08/08 - 9:41 PM Permalink

finally got a chance to model and got the head sort of thinking its gonna need a bit of a spruce up but for now its golden

Submitted by Rolgun on Mon, 22/09/08 - 10:38 AM Permalink

Been a little while since posted anything. fixed up the face and modeled most of the stuff. still need to make the doll. renders in journal.

Submitted by sebp on Wed, 24/09/08 - 3:07 PM Permalink

Make some fast progress, the face is looking pretty sweet! The legs could be a bit tricky to get moving, give the cloak a split maybe?

Tsumea Modeller Challlenge 10 - thomas_pearse

Been watching and thinking 4 a week now so figured i should probably at least post a general idea so here goes what im thinkin atm:

Definitely want to do a little girl maybe taking the dark creepy look like FEAR/Jap Horror Movies but also thinking i might go the happy cheerful looking cute little girl but with like a bloody knife/sword. Definitely a calm killer but havent got much further than that

Submitted by Jiksen on Sun, 03/08/08 - 8:10 PM Permalink

you should watch the japense version of the grudge!

you could go with a delusional mother who lost her kids due to police carelessness, and now she believes all criminals are her "brood" and tries to "protect" them.

just some ideas

Submitted by kit11 on Mon, 04/08/08 - 10:16 AM Permalink

check out the lil girls from the game bioshock, from what ive seen/heard they're cute looking lil girls that steal "powers" from people with a giant syringe. i havent actually played it yet btw.

tsumea modeller challenge 10 - EvilSmiles

hey there, ok so I'm new to not only tsumea but also to forums. it seems everyones posting there things here so I'm going to have a shot at posting pictures... hopeful it works.

Submitted by evilsmiles on Fri, 01/08/08 - 2:39 PM Permalink

so this is my second idea, once again still up in the area and still very sloppy. he's called the jack lecter AKA the butcher and his story is;

jack lecter was an abused son, his mother died giving birth to him and his farther forced him to work in his butcher and not go to school. he would be beaten by his drunk farther everyday and lived a traumatizing life. one day after his farther was beating him for cutting the meat the wrong way jack snapped and in a fit of rage killed his father with his butcher cleavers. not knowing what to do with body and in fear of being caught, jack cooked and ate his father. on tasting his father flesh he felt whole, he believed not only did it empower him but the meat was more sweater then anything he had tasted before. jack now tarnished with this sick fetish decided to kill and eat more people. first starting off small by killing hobos and prostitutes but because of there life style the meat was not as sweat as he remembered so jack decided to kill more "prestige" people. people with more money and power because they were fat, and the meat was more wholesome. and now he wonders the night with his childish mask looking for his next meal.

i don't know what his calling cards going to be so any ideas would be awesome. also i love his real name i got i from my 2 inspirations of it jack the ripper and hannabal lecter.

Submitted by kit11 on Fri, 01/08/08 - 4:11 PM Permalink

maybe he could leave the intestines or some other part of the body that he doesnt like to eat... the feet or such

Submitted by evilsmiles on Fri, 01/08/08 - 4:14 PM Permalink

i just had a cup of coffee and a smoke and came across an epiphany about my character. i think the butcher should also melt peoples fat down like in fight club and make them into candles and leave a candle at the scene of the crime of his last victim. so then he can be the butcher, the baker, the candle stick maker. what do people think??

Submitted by evilsmiles on Sat, 02/08/08 - 2:50 AM Permalink

alright so i spent more then 5 mins on this one but still would of looked better on paper. still trying to get a hang of using a tablet.

so this is the butcher versing batman." target="_blank">

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 02/08/08 - 2:05 PM Permalink

thats a really good idea. i think i might go with that one. cause before i was thinking that he melts down the fat that doesn't eat and turns it into candles and leaves the candle of his last victim there. so then he can be the butcher, the baker, the candle stick maker. but i really like the mask idea, but then again people might be like thats so V from "V for vendetta". so i don't know what do you think??

Submitted by kit11 on Mon, 04/08/08 - 10:08 AM Permalink

Oh yeah that'd be cool, very symbolic kinda aswell.... like hes lighting a candle for the dead .... i think thats what they do in church(atheist) and if hes making the candles from people they could have something of his last victim in them, like a name tag or something =)..... or just plain.

Submitted by sebp on Thu, 28/08/08 - 2:57 PM Permalink

I reckon the original Texas chainsaw Massacre from the 80's has some really creepy characters in it. The movie makes you feel un clean after you watch it though so skip to the end if your put of by the B grade-ness.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 07/10/08 - 11:06 PM Permalink

i'm now doing my first idea which was my villian by the name of parasite i think he might be to far fetch to meet the breif but i kinda wanna just do him for fun. so i did. this just a basic concept i did today i'm going to scrap him and start over tomorrow.

and yeah i know i havn't been doing much for sumea lately and yeah i know that the base goopy model is the stock standerd model for mudbox but i'm going to be staring over so it doesn't matter.


you can find a high res version at

Submitted by evilsmiles on Tue, 07/10/08 - 11:13 PM Permalink


i'm now doing my first idea which was my villian by the name of parasite i think he might be to far fetch to meet the breif but i kinda wanna just do him for fun. so i did. this just a basic concept i did today i'm going to scrap him and start over tomorrow.

and yeah i know i havn't been doing much for sumea lately and yeah i know that the base goopy model is the stock standerd model for mudbox but i'm going to be staring over so it doesn't matter.

you can find a high res version at

Tsumea Modeller Challenge 10 - Sevendust

Sounds like fun. Count me in. :)

Submitted by Sevendust on Mon, 04/08/08 - 6:54 AM Permalink

I have been putting a lot of thought into what I want to stare at for the next four months.. I still don't have my character history set in stone just yet.

I once had a dream that I was walking through some of the rougher streets of an area I used to live in. It was very late into the night, quite dark, no company in the streets.. just silence and street lamps. One street lamp in particular revealed a beaten up looking greyhound under its light. It had a strangely twisted collar around its neck made of steel, with some other large claw like pieces of steel protruding from its shoulders, and some wounds. The dog looked over to me from across the street as he started to walk towards me. Eerily, the creature said in a loud but whisperish voice "psssycho!". Quite creepy - and I hope that this doesn't mean that I'm a psycho for real! But anyway, I would love to bring this character to life. Of course, it has to be set in a more realistic fashion, so I plan to have a "driver".

The driver, or controller, of this creature is going to be a young woman. I am going to go along the lines of most of the Batman type villains - they all have something a bit wrong with them upstairs. I haven't decided what mental disorder she has yet. Perhaps as a child she was subjected to see her dogs put through hell by her family - torture, punishment, dog fights maybe.

This woman is going to have hundreds of greyhounds. To implement the talking idea from the dream, she has attached speakers to all of their collars. So when she is going after someone, she sends her dogs in first and talks through them.

Things to leave behind at the scene could be:
-lots of little puppies with the big collars on
-dog tags
-a leash, or chain

Things that could motivate her to kill:
-people that put animals up for show (horse racing, dog fighting etc)
-animal cruelty
-someone or something being subjected to unreasonable punishment

Going to think a bit more on it today, I would like to start drawing her up soon :)

Submitted by Neffy on Fri, 22/08/08 - 12:04 PM Permalink

I really like the grey hounds with there collars it makes them so spooky looking !
Your chick looks good so far, her silhouette is fairly plain with all the skin tight clothing, maybe a feather boa around her arms, of a facinator on her head that creates an interesting shape. I see allot of vegas showgirl in her might be interesting to draw inspiration from some of them.

Submitted by Sevendust on Fri, 22/08/08 - 12:06 PM Permalink

Oh thanks Neffy!

Those ideas are great :D

I'm reworking her right this moment cause my boyfriend said the dogs looked like something out of bambi :(

Feather boa around the arm sounds neat!

Submitted by Sevendust on Fri, 12/09/08 - 7:25 AM Permalink

Updating my post from my journal :)

"I have decided she will have two main leader type dogs, bodyguards. She will have hundreds of others, but they are just minions.

The bodyguards will be wearing huge war type armour - something like the lion out of Brotherhood of the Wolf. The minions will be wearing less and less armour, depending on their rank.

This brings more of a pack feel to it, I think. Hopefully will get some new drawings up today :)"

Submitted by Sevendust on Fri, 12/09/08 - 7:29 AM Permalink

Update #2
"Well, here is the second concept for my character. Just a quick sketch to get my ideas down on paper.. I'm still not happy with her, so she will change again.

I have changed the dogs to wear armour. The two next to her are her bodyguards, so they will don some heavy equipment. I will probably only end up modelling her and the two main dogs, I may paint the rest into the background? We'll see.

For the girl, she now has "Scene" hair! I have added an armband to her with a few stripey tails extending from it (similar to the tails in her hair). This will match the stripey leather/lace on her right leg."


Submitted by sebp on Fri, 19/09/08 - 12:29 PM Permalink

The dogs in you last image are looking more menacing in the first.
The gray hounds will be allot of fun to develop high ploy, creating the lean muscular details will be a good challenge.

I remember reading about Rottweilers (they are a scary dog)and how they where bread for going into battle, often dressed in heavy shoulder pads covered in spikes.
Also three or four Rottweilers where used to pull small chariots. could be something useful for you there.

The brother hood of the wolf is such a cool movie, what is that thing? I though it looked more like a Lion.

Cool idea

Submitted by Sevendust on Fri, 19/09/08 - 12:37 PM Permalink

Nice, I didn't know Rottweilers were bred for battle. I will have to research that, maybe I can find some inspiration there :)

Yeah, the beast from Brotherhood of the Wolf is a lion :D