Online Game Dev courses (Gatlin International UK)

Hi guys,

I'm currently working in the Film & TV industry, specifically post-production, and I'm looking to transition into videogame development. I've been looking around for any part-time/online courses that might be able to give me a grounding in the industry, without taking me out of work for at least 2 years full-time!

There was one course on offer at AIE, but it's currently in re-development and according to an email from them won't be back until Feb 2012. I came across this one at Gatlin International:

Does anyone know anything about this course, or can someone with industry experience tell me whether the course outline would be suitable? Or otherwise, does anyone know of any similar online or part-time courses I could investigate?

To clarify, I'm currently working as a Film & TV producer for a post-production facility, and looking to get into similar project management and admin roles - although obviously a knowledge of the techniques and technologies in the industry will be necessary.

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.