best way to make a demo?

ok say i had this awsome idea(just like everyone else does :P) and it was unique(like everyone thinks theirs is), what would be the best way to go about making a demo in as little time as possible but showing your idea as well as possible. Then also to copyright and send to publisher to try and get funding?

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could be done many ways, perhaps most importantly is find a way that works for you best.

usually involvs a group of mates ( whom you plan on making the demo with ) and a few beers, maybe a pen and some paper to make some notes with.

Rough out your idea in this fashion, breaking down all the individual systems / pieces you need for your game.

Make yourself an asset list / for both code and art.

Make a schedule based on your superb judgment, of how long you think each art asset will take.

From that you can say we will have a demo by such and such a date.

Copyright im not so sure about.

Once your demo is all up and ready to show the publisher, send it off - or even better knock on his door. and take his wallet while hes not looking.

Hope that helps a little Gibbz, what youve asked is a pretty broad question, theres a shitload of stuff involved - BUT the more serious you take it, the more professional your demo will look.

All of the above statements are just my answers, and how id probably go about it, but in all honestly you have to find what works for you.